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8 how to choose cctv

CCTV surveillance technology evolving so rapidly and the latest CCTV technology currently in the form IP Camera digital. IP Camera digital technology provides the advantages of advanced to monitor, record, and see the activities inside and outside of your period of property. With so many choices of products at this time, understand the product option becomes complicated or confusing for some people. Do you want to use an existing CCTV or embraced new technologies such as IP Camera type digital?

Here is 8 Tips for choosing a suitable CCTV for your needs;

1. Set Criteria : Why do I need CCTV?

It's important to first understand what you expect from the use of CCTV. What others think is comfortable not necessarily provide the same comfort for you. Are you considering to invest prevent criminals or thieves? To record the access of the building or yard? To record the activity during a specific time, for example when you are traveling? You also have to think about what you will do with the information obtained from the use of CCTV. How long do you want to save the recording? How often do you akam monitor? With this question you will be able to know about the specifications of the camera you want like camera resolution, how far the camera lens, or the desired storage capacity. These things will help you choose the right CCTV for the needs of.

2. Basic Needs : What equipment will I need?

Basically CCTV require several cameras that have been packaged right, supporting software, and DVR storage medium coupled to the analog to digital image processing. In addition, most still use the CCTV CCTV cable to connect with each other to the DVR. At this time there is development of more advanced technology such as CCTV IP Camera Digital, IP camera produces digital images that do not require a DVR for image processing, in addition to the IP Camera can be purchased in a number of units according to the needs of points to be supervised.

3. Recording Options : How do I save the recording?

You need to CCTV DVR connected with the storage media to store recordings, while the IP camera technology, already widely available option to save the recording directly on the IP cameras use SD cards. For storage of large amounts you can also integrate a PC or a server on the IP Camera by using certain software.

4. Surveillance Technology : How do I monitor image?

The ultimate goal is to find the system that you want to see the image of your camera. Do you want a special room that is operated by trained employees to monitor the movement? Do you want the services of a third person to monitor your property? Whether you want to access your camera from anywhere and everywhere? Do you want to receive email or alarm when suspicious activity is detected your camera? IP Camera has a direct technology to connect to the internet.

5. Fixed or Mobile : Do I need a camera that is static or movable?

Most CCTV can not be moved, IP Camera into a more flexible option because it can provide advanced technology such as Pan Tilt Zoom (can be in motion). Yet, in its use sometimes it takes a combination between the static and moving.

6. Camera excellence : Do I need an IP camera or analog CCTV?

When looking for an analog CCTV to monitor a single point, IP Camera has the advantage of being more than an analog CCTV. IP Camera has a resolution that is far above the CCTV in general, IP cameras can produce high definition image or Megapixel so can mendukun wide area coverage and observe more detailed images. Even some of the IP camera is equipped with infrared to see in the dark as well as two way audio system to monitor or record the sound around the camera.

7. Smart Security Solutions : Should I combine CCTV with other security systems?

CCTV cameras can be easily integrated with other security systems such as security alarms.

8. Invest It Wisely : How to set a budget use CCTV?

It really depends on your own needs. Usually more expensive than IP Camera CCTV IP Camera analog but can provide abundant advantage for your convenience. Sometimes the use of IP cameras become cheaper than the use of CCTV, because CCTV normally sold as a package with DVR as an example 4 camera unit and 1 unit DVR. While you can buy an IP camera in the unit or in an odd number as needed.

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