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Business and Employment Opportunities Creative Industries

Business and Employment Opportunities Creative Industries have a relationship and relation to one another. In the current era, after the change period of the mechanization of agriculture and industrialization, with the progress of the development of information and technology we are required to more creative.

This is a very appropriate considering the momentum has been a shift or transformasi by, ie work pattern, patterns of production and distribution patterns over time will be factor thruster, well it pushes forward, and push back the level of economic and social welfare in general.
Based on the basic word meaning, industry is the creation of goods and services that have added value. While creative means create namely the process of creating something. Creative Industries is one of the industry that creates, utilize and modify resources or materials that are innovative governance, in other words at some point in time will happen again inventions, products,design and pattern of the results of the existing creation by relying on the expertise, talent and creativity as intellectual property that will encourage the creative economy. This is very different than the industries that utilize natural resources such as oil and gas (oil and gas) which is certainly at a certain point in time it will habis.Selain, through creative industries potential for increased employment also increased.
According to the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia definition of creative industries are defined as "derived from the Industry utilization creativity, skills and talent individual in order to create welfareand jobs through the creation and utilization power creation and creativity of the individual. "There 14 subsektoral creative industries are potentially create business opportunities and employment, as quoted from the blog AgusWibisono.com ie :
1. Advertising
Advertising is an activity related to advertising services (one-way communication by using specific media), which includes the process of creation, production and distribution of the resulting ad, for example: market research, communications planning ad, outdoor advertising, production of advertising material, promotion, public relations campaign, display advertising in print media (newspaper, magazine) and electronic (Television and radio), installation of various posters and images, dissemination of leaflets, pamphlet, orbit, brochures and similar advertising, distribution and delivery of advertising materials or samples, and leasing fields for advertising.
2. Architecture
Activity creative related to building design services, construction cost planning, conservation of heritage buildings, both overall construction supervision of macro-level (Town planning, urban design, landscape architecture) to the micro level (construction details, for example: garden architecture, interior design).
3. Art Goods Market
Creative activities relating to trade in goods original, unique and rare and has a high aesthetic value of art at auction, gallery, store, supermarkets, and the Internet, for example: musical instrument, printing, craft, automobile, film, art and paintings.
4. Craft
Creative activities related to the creation, production and distribution of products made by skilled craftsmen produced starting from the initial design to the completion of the process of product, among other things, handicraft items made from: precious stones, natural and artificial fibers, skin, rattan, bamboo, wood, metal (gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron) wood, glass, porcelain, cloth, marble, clay, and lime. Craft products generally only produced in relatively small quantities (not mass production).
5. Design
Creative activities associated with the creation of graphic design, interior design, product design, industrial design, corporate identity consulting and marketing research services as well as the production of packaging and packing services.
6. Fashion
Creative activities associated with the creation of clothing design, footwear design, and other fashion accessories design, production of fashion clothing and accessories, consulting fashion product line, and distribution of fashion products.
7. Video, Film & Photography
Creative activities related to the creation of video production, film, and photographic services, and distribution of video recordings and films. Including scriptwriting, dubbing film, cinematography, soap, and exhibition of films.
8. Interactive Games
Creative activities related to the creation, production, and distribution of computer and video games that are fun, agility, and education. Subsector interactive game is not dominated solely as entertainment but also as a learning tool or education.
9. Music
Creative activities related to the creation / composition, show, reproduction, and distribution of sound recordings.
10. Performing Arts
Creative activities related to content development efforts, production performances (example: ballet, traditional dances, contemporary dance, drama, traditional music, music theater, opera, including a tour of ethnic music), design and manufacture fashion show, the stage, and lighting system.
11. Publishing and Printing
Creative activities related to the content writing and publishing a book, journal, newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and digital content as well as the activities of news agencies and news search. This subsector also includes the issuance of stamps, stamp, paper money, blank check, round, share letters, bonds share certificates, other securities, passport, airfares, and other special publications. Also includes publishing pictures, Gravure (engraving) and postcards, form, poster, reproduction, printing painting, and other printed matter, including micro-movie footage.
12. Computer and Software Services
Creative activities associated with the development of information technology including computer services, data processing, database development, Software development, system integration, design and analysis system, architectural design software, infrastructure design software and hardware, and portal design including maintenance.
13. Television & Radio
Creative activities related to business creation, production and packaging of television programs (like games, quiz, reality show, infotainment, and others), broadcasting, and transmission of television and radio content, including activities station relay (transmitter back) radio and television broadcasts.
14. Research and Development
Creative activities related to innovative businesses that offer the discovery of science and technology and the application of science and knowledge for product improvement and new product creation, The new process, new materials, new tools, The new method, and new technologies that can meet the needs of the market; including those relating to the humanities such as research and development of language, literature, and art; as well as business and management consultancy services.
Creative industries in Indonesia should be developed for the creative industries can provide significant economic contribution and create a positive business climate and build the image and identity of the nation. On the other hand, creative industries based on renewable resources, creating innovation and creativity which is the competitive advantage of a nation as well as provide positive social impact. Nevertheless, to drive the creative industries required several factors. Between, educational instruction, rewards the creative people, and create a conducive business climate.
In addition, the utilization of existing creative industries can reduce the use of natural resources are not renewable. For example, the use of commodity wood forest products. If the wood is used only as a product of the timber industry, the paper will have a price (value added) slightly when compared to the use for furniture or for handicrafts, in this case represents the creative industries. Ideas and creativity are becoming valuables.
Yet, there is a powerful deterrent in the creative industries, namely intellectual property and piracy. A valuable asset of the creative industries is the idea of ​​creation. This idea is abstract, but will feel the benefits. The idea that create added value, hence the need for the recognition of intellectual property rights (Right) to prevent piracy. Piracy content creative industries ( music, film,software, art design etc) can be detrimental to the creative industries and stifles innovation.


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