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Signs of tires must be replaced

Tires are an essential part of a vehicle. But the problem is much pengandara are not sensitive to the condition of the tires on the vehicle.

Not a bit of an accident caused by a tire while the vehicle is speeding. Certainly it is very dangerous.

It's good we all check the condition of the tires if visible symptoms of damage then immediately replaced to maintain safety in driving.

And we also need to know the signs to replace new tires. Signs such as:

1.Check your tire surface is already in slippery conditions or not. If it so it is advisable to immediately replace it with a new tire.

The danger if the surface of the slick tires have to be slippery in rainy conditions and when hot asphalt can cause rapid tear / crack.

2. Check the depth of the groove in each tread. If the depth is less than 1,5 mm then you should replace it. If the depth is already less than 1,5 mm then the tire is leaking.

3. Notice if your tires are already visible cracks have started to appear or wire then it really should be replaced. Because the worst thing to keep unwanted when driving.

Tires that have cracked it vulnerable to explode, especially if the condition hot asphalt.

4. If your tires have started to leak and have often patched, it's good to be replaced soon. Because tires are often leaked and eventually patched shape will change and will lead to imbalance.

Although the steps that sounds very standard, but a step that really should be followed. Many people underestimate the small things that when the impact is so great.




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