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Glossary & vocabulary in the business world

Glossary & vocabulary in the business world

  1. COEFFICIENT : bagian suku yg berupa bilangnan atau konstan biasanya dituiskan sebelum lambang peubah seperti angka 2x atau dalam 2 (x y)
  2. KONSTAN : remained not unchanged / continously
  3. adaftif : easy menyesuaikn to the situation
  4. SPECIFIC :special, is specific , typical
  5. Hierarchy : the level of department (rank, position)
  6. Centralization : consolidation everything somewhere (tsbt area) which is considered as the center penyentralan, concentration
  7. Decentralization : system of government that gives more power to local governments
  8. FUNCTIONAL : by department
  9. RESPONSIVE : fast (like to respond) are responding , is to respond, not indifferent
  10. FLEXIBLE : Lues and easy to adjust
  11. VIRTUAL : real
  12. INTENSIVE : for sungguh2 and continuously doing things , to obtain the results you oftimal
  13. Controversy : debate, unpleasantness, disagreement
  14. REALIZATION : make real progress , materialization, the implementation of a real reply
  15. PRO : more proactive
  16. AGAINST : in circumstances not agree, against
  17. DEFINITION : meaning
  18. RESPECT : respectful
  19. INVESTIGATION : inquiry with notes or record the facts , reviewing , experiments etc..
  20. PASSIVE : are receiving only , not viable , time Aktif
  21. INTERIOR : the inside of the building, and so on
  22. CONTRACTOR : purveyor
  23. PRIVATE : not the government
  24. MANAGEMENT : use resources effectively to achieve the goals / leader who is responsible for the running of the company or organiasi (administration)
  25. INVESTMENT : planting of money or capital in a company or project to gain (funding)
  26. COMPETENT : competent (find out)
  27. DYNAMIC : enthusiasm and energy to move quickly and easily to the situation menyesuaikn
  28. CONSISTENT : remained not unchanged , consistent
  29. PROSFEK : expectation, possibility
  30. ADAPTIVE : easy to adapt to conditions
  31. MANUFACTURING : make or produce with tangn or machine , the process of transforming raw materials concentrated in the goods to be used or consumed by humans
  32. COMPROMISE : approval by way of peace , or mutually reduce demand (about strife etc.)
  33. DOMINATION : domination by the more powerful terhada p yg weaker (in politics, military , economic trade, sports, etc.)
  34. Trilogy : series of literary works which consists of three units that are interconnected and mengembangkn one theme
  35. FORMULATION : formulation
  36. Derivation : Affix augmentation which is not inflected on basic shapes to form words,
  37. GEOMETRY : a branch of mathematics that describes the properties of lines, angle, field, and space
  38. STATISTICS : knowledge about how to collect, menabulasi, classify bracket, menganalisisdan seek information which means that data is numeric
  39. REGRESSION : back off, sequence turn back
  40. COMMODITIES : key items;
  41. COMMERCIAL PAPER : unsecured promissory notes maturing owned firms in 270 days or less
  42. Lever : obtain funds by borrowing
  43. FACTORING : Short-term funding sources which is quite expensive for companies
  44. TRADE CREDIT : the practice of buying goods or services now and pay later
  45. PLADGING : processes in accounts receivable
  46. QUALITY : levels of good and bad things
  47. PRODUCTION : the process of issuing the results
  48. DEPARTMENT : top government agencies that take care of a field of work in the country that led a minister
  49. Stagnant : in the stalled condition
  50. PROFIT : profit, profit
  51. NONPROFIT : which is not to make a profit
  52. LIQUIDITY : concerning the cash position of a company and its ability to fulfill its obligations that mature in time
  53. INNOVATION : income or the introduction of new-things, reform
  54. EFFICIENCY : the accuracy of the way (business,work) in doing something (with less wasted no time ,redam atau grace )
  55. DEMOGRAPHICS : knowledge about the composition and development of the population jumblah ; science which provide a description or statistical picture of a nation in view of the socio-political angle ;population sciences
  56. INFLATION : deterioration of the value of money , due to the large and rapid money supply and raises the price barang2
  57. INTERNAL : bagiabn concerns in
  58. EXTERNAL : outside influences
  59. Authoritarian : prinsif compliance, especially who supported the government or charges
  60. Liquiditas : the company's ability to meet its short term obligations
  61. Participatory pasilitas : how do pasilitas or moderation in the discussion or discussion of a poko discussion by using the tool or media demonstration or visualization , to run openly and democratically together all or most of the participants.
  62. MBO (management by objective) : a comprehensive managerial system that combines many distinguished managerial activities that systemically important, consciously directed to achieve organizational and individual goals are equally effective and efficient.
  63. INFRASTRUCTURE : physical facilities of a country that supports economic activity , include facilities trnsfortasi, such as airports, roads and railway lines.

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