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Friend, health tips. The digestive system of the body has a very vital role for the health of all members of the human body. This is due, all meals in the dining will be processed and nutrient absorbed and distributed throughout the body. Various health problems will arise, if the digestive system is not functioning semestingya. For that, it is important to maintain healthy digestion. Then, What are the tips for maintaining a healthy digestive always…???
Berbagai cara dapat di lakukan, in order to have a healthy digestion such as eating a variety of healthy foods, regular exercise and avoid unhealthy lifestyles that are often done without ever knowing it. With regard to the three things mentioned above, then we have started a big step in terms of keeping the digestive itself. Health Tip this time will explain more fully to you. Health Tips, The following 7 tips on maintaining healthy digestion :
  1. Begin With Fibrous food. Various fruits are a good source of fiber that can be obtained with ease. Function fiber foods that help improve digestive health in the body.
  2. Eat regularly. In this case, try not to procrastinate hour daily meal that's been made. By disciplining mealtime, it will also help improve digestive health.
  3. Simply drink per day. Meet the needs of fluid in the body is also very important for digestive health. In this case, Drink eight glasses of water per day to meet the needs of fluid is needed by the body and digestive system.
  4. Exercising frequently Morning. Sport has the dual benefit of improving the health of the body and helps the digestive process can take place with good food and Current.
  5. Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle. Smoking is one habit that is not healthy for the body and digestive.
  6. Limit consumption of fatty food. This is because, fatty foods can disrupt the process of digestion is ongoing. To neutralize the fat content of the food we eat, imbangilah by eating a variety of fruits rich in vitamins and fiber source.
  7. Control Stress Levels. Excessive stress can lead to digestive disorders in the body. For that, it is important to control and minimize the level of stress that often affects the mind.


7 benefits of semangka
Watermelon is a fruit type aqueous most types of flesh colored red. The fruit is very suitable in the current consumption in the air was very hot during the day or in the scorching enough. This is because, almost 90 percent content of watermelon consists of water. This fruit is in get in traditional markets as well as in the modern market. Most of us would like to consume the juicy fruit. Yet, in addition penganti thirst quencher, many benefits of watermelon for your health. Then, What amazing benefits of watermelon for the body's health…???
Friend, health tips. Watermelon red color indicates that the fruit contains a variety of nutrients, vitamin, mineral, potassium, betacarotene, vitamin C and fiber needed by the body. Therefore the, start providing watermelon as one of the desserts on each of your daily menu. The content of various nutris and vitamins are abundant in watermelon helps preserve and maintain the health of the body of every person. Health Tip this time will reveal the benefits of watermelon that you may not know. Here are 7 watermelon amazing benefits for your health :

  1. Healthier Heart. Watermelon is a source of lycopene. Lycopene contained in watermelon is essential for maintaining the health of the heart organ you have.
  2. Healthier Eyes. This is because, These fruits contain beta-carotene which will be converted in the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin that will nourish your vision organs.
  3. Improve Immune System. Watermelon is also a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C has the function to help boost the body's immune system. So that the body will not get sick when the weather is unfavorable or very extreme.
  4. Protection From Free Radicals. Various smoke factory, motor vehicle fumes and dirty air are inhaled can trigger the influx of free radicals that can harm your body. Watermelon contains carotenoid compounds that can neutralize free radicals that enter into the body a person.
  5. Bone Strengthening Body. This is because, watermelon is a fruit that is rich in potassium. Potassium serves to retain calcium in the body. So that bones and joints will be healthier and stronger all the time.
  6. Kidney Organ Healthier. Consuming watermelon will help increase the flow of urine. With the smooth flow of urine will impact the health of the kidneys in the body in.
  7. Reduce Body Fat In. Watermelon is a type of fruit that is rich in citruline which serves to reduce excess fat inside your body.


Glossary & vocabulary in the business world

  1. COEFFICIENT : bagian suku yg berupa bilangnan atau konstan biasanya dituiskan sebelum lambang peubah seperti angka 2x atau dalam 2 (x y)
  2. KONSTAN : remained not unchanged / continously
  3. adaftif : easy menyesuaikn to the situation
  4. SPECIFIC :special, is specific , typical
  5. Hierarchy : the level of department (rank, position)
  6. Centralization : consolidation everything somewhere (tsbt area) which is considered as the center penyentralan, concentration
  7. Decentralization : system of government that gives more power to local governments
  8. FUNCTIONAL : by department
  9. RESPONSIVE : fast (like to respond) are responding , is to respond, not indifferent
  10. FLEXIBLE : Lues and easy to adjust
  11. VIRTUAL : real
  12. INTENSIVE : for sungguh2 and continuously doing things , to obtain the results you oftimal
  13. Controversy : debate, unpleasantness, disagreement
  14. REALIZATION : make real progress , materialization, the implementation of a real reply
  15. PRO : more proactive
  16. AGAINST : in circumstances not agree, against
  17. DEFINITION : meaning
  18. RESPECT : respectful
  19. INVESTIGATION : inquiry with notes or record the facts , reviewing , experiments etc..
  20. PASSIVE : are receiving only , not viable , time Aktif
  21. INTERIOR : the inside of the building, and so on
  22. CONTRACTOR : purveyor
  23. PRIVATE : not the government
  24. MANAGEMENT : use resources effectively to achieve the goals / leader who is responsible for the running of the company or organiasi (administration)
  25. INVESTMENT : planting of money or capital in a company or project to gain (funding)
  26. COMPETENT : competent (find out)
  27. DYNAMIC : enthusiasm and energy to move quickly and easily to the situation menyesuaikn
  28. CONSISTENT : remained not unchanged , consistent
  29. PROSFEK : expectation, possibility
  30. ADAPTIVE : easy to adapt to conditions
  31. MANUFACTURING : make or produce with tangn or machine , the process of transforming raw materials concentrated in the goods to be used or consumed by humans
  32. COMPROMISE : approval by way of peace , or mutually reduce demand (about strife etc.)
  33. DOMINATION : domination by the more powerful terhada p yg weaker (in politics, military , economic trade, sports, etc.)
  34. Trilogy : series of literary works which consists of three units that are interconnected and mengembangkn one theme
  35. FORMULATION : formulation
  36. Derivation : Affix augmentation which is not inflected on basic shapes to form words,
  37. GEOMETRY : a branch of mathematics that describes the properties of lines, angle, field, and space
  38. STATISTICS : knowledge about how to collect, menabulasi, classify bracket, menganalisisdan seek information which means that data is numeric
  39. REGRESSION : back off, sequence turn back
  40. COMMODITIES : key items;
  41. COMMERCIAL PAPER : unsecured promissory notes maturing owned firms in 270 days or less
  42. Lever : obtain funds by borrowing
  43. FACTORING : Short-term funding sources which is quite expensive for companies
  44. TRADE CREDIT : the practice of buying goods or services now and pay later
  45. PLADGING : processes in accounts receivable
  46. QUALITY : levels of good and bad things
  47. PRODUCTION : the process of issuing the results
  48. DEPARTMENT : top government agencies that take care of a field of work in the country that led a minister
  49. Stagnant : in the stalled condition
  50. PROFIT : profit, profit
  51. NONPROFIT : which is not to make a profit
  52. LIQUIDITY : concerning the cash position of a company and its ability to fulfill its obligations that mature in time
  53. INNOVATION : income or the introduction of new-things, reform
  54. EFFICIENCY : the accuracy of the way (business,work) in doing something (with less wasted no time ,redam atau grace )
  55. DEMOGRAPHICS : knowledge about the composition and development of the population jumblah ; science which provide a description or statistical picture of a nation in view of the socio-political angle ;population sciences
  56. INFLATION : deterioration of the value of money , due to the large and rapid money supply and raises the price barang2
  57. INTERNAL : bagiabn concerns in
  58. EXTERNAL : outside influences
  59. Authoritarian : prinsif compliance, especially who supported the government or charges
  60. Liquiditas : the company's ability to meet its short term obligations
  61. Participatory pasilitas : how do pasilitas or moderation in the discussion or discussion of a poko discussion by using the tool or media demonstration or visualization , to run openly and democratically together all or most of the participants.
  62. MBO (management by objective) : a comprehensive managerial system that combines many distinguished managerial activities that systemically important, consciously directed to achieve organizational and individual goals are equally effective and efficient.
  63. INFRASTRUCTURE : physical facilities of a country that supports economic activity , include facilities trnsfortasi, such as airports, roads and railway lines.

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List of food that is good for the health of your eyes
A healthy eye is the dream of everyone. Terms of healthy eyes that can see objects near and far with very clear. Namun berbagai faktor dapat menyebabkan gangguan kesehatan pada organ mata itu sendiri seperti membaca buku sambil tidur, too long staring at a computer screen and even read a book with light crude. From now on, avoid all these habits. Various foods can help meet the nutritional needs is needed by the eye to maintain eye health. Then, What food can nourish the eye organ…???

Friend, health tips. We have to maintain the health of the eye organ without mengkesampingkan other organs. This is because, all activities and employment will fall apart if there are problems in the organs of sight. That is why, maintain eye health should be a priority that should we prioritize. Here are 7 foods that can nourish your eyes :
  1. Carrots. This fruit is a fruit that is closely related to eye health. This is because, carrots contain beta carotene, vitamin A sufficient nutrients needed by your eye organ.
  2. Spinach. Some green colored vegetables especially spinach are foods that are good for the eyes. This is because, green colored vegetables are a source of lutein and zeaxathin which prevents macular degeneration and cataracts in the eyes.
  3. Eggs. Like to eat eggs…???. Egg yolks contain lutein and proved to have zeaxathin which serves to prevent macular degeneration or decline seen someone on his organ.
  4. Fruits. Buah-buahan yang dimaksud yaitu yang merupakan sumber vitamin C seperti buah jeruk. Because the content of vitamin C in the fruit can prevent someone from macular degeneration and cataracts even.
  5. Various marine fish. The mean sea fish are salmon and sardines. This is because, The second fish rich in omega fatty acids 3 who is in need to nourish the eyes to stay healthy organs.
  6. Broccoli. The content of vitamin C in broccoli provides nutrients that are needed by the organs of sight. In order to function optimally for power saw someone better and clearer course.
  7. Sweet potato. This is one of the foods that are good sources of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Both substances from sweet potato is very good for the health of your vision organs.


Tires are an essential part of a vehicle. But the problem is much pengandara are not sensitive to the condition of the tires on the vehicle.

Not a bit of an accident caused by a tire while the vehicle is speeding. Certainly it is very dangerous.

It's good we all check the condition of the tires if visible symptoms of damage then immediately replaced to maintain safety in driving.

And we also need to know the signs to replace new tires. Signs such as:

1.Check your tire surface is already in slippery conditions or not. If it so it is advisable to immediately replace it with a new tire.

The danger if the surface of the slick tires have to be slippery in rainy conditions and when hot asphalt can cause rapid tear / crack.

2. Check the depth of the groove in each tread. If the depth is less than 1,5 mm then you should replace it. If the depth is already less than 1,5 mm then the tire is leaking.

3. Notice if your tires are already visible cracks have started to appear or wire then it really should be replaced. Because the worst thing to keep unwanted when driving.

Tires that have cracked it vulnerable to explode, especially if the condition hot asphalt.

4. If your tires have started to leak and have often patched, it's good to be replaced soon. Because tires are often leaked and eventually patched shape will change and will lead to imbalance.

Although the steps that sounds very standard, but a step that really should be followed. Many people underestimate the small things that when the impact is so great.


How Do Ways To Make Small Business that Has More Value and Profitable ? Many people began the business. Bagi yang tak punya banyak modal alias minim modal, mereka akan memulainya dengan usaha kecil.

Therefore, this kind of business has its own advantages and benefits compared to a business that has been established. Proven too many stories success on small businesses around us. The effort was then continued to grow and develop so as to provide benefit for many people.
What are the advantages of a profitable small business? Here are the Top 10 Excess Small Business Profitable :
  1. Capital minimum. It Is Clear, capital required is not much. How many? Maybe from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions still comparatively small businesses. Yet, My opinion, his capital is not an excuse for not immediately ACTION start a business. How was capital owned, you can immediately start their own business. especially in business internet, small capital can be raised up to get a very large income.
  2. Resilient. Small businesses have the ability to survive. Proven in a time of crisis and, small businesses survive and be able to help move economy nation. Hardiness of this small business entrepreneur is in line with the character inherent in business owners.
  3. Quick ACTION. Because you are a small business owner, so no need to wait long to take a decision. Andalah sang decision maker. Your decision makers what should be in-ACTION to promote your business. ACTION speed was also helpful in responding to changing market needs.
  4. More focus on consumer. Small businesses are usually more focused in serving consumers. They know who the customer A, who the customer B. Because customers know better, create a small business is also able to serve them with a more optimal.
  5. Challenging. Starting a small business is full of challenges. Not that great effort was no challenge. But small businesses with all sorts of limitations, must struggle to survive. Must think about and do a lot of things, which sometimes multiple tasks concurrently by the business owner.
  6. Adaptable. Because no hierarchical long as big business, small businesses have high adaptability. Changing market conditions, can quickly sniff and aligned with its business. New innovations, no matter how small it, usually appear in these conditions.
  7. Participate economy moving society. Of absorbing employment to join economy moving around, small businesses play an important role. This kind of business is the motor of economic growth in the environment.
  8. Innovation. Small businesses are usually loaded with innovations in developing its business. Innovation was made in the development product, marketing, or internal aspects. Innovation is also much easier to do than in large enterprises that typically have an organizational structure and work processes are complex.
  9. Flexible. Small businesses have a flexible nature. This makes it able to adapt to current conditions. Resilience, small business that makes it able to survive in competition.
  10. Freedom. For small business owners, freedom is the most coveted. Free governs how its business strategy, free to take the best decisions for their business, and with responsibilities to bear all the risks.


Tips on choosing furniture for your home

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Intelligent Choosing Furniture

Having a comfortable dwelling healthy and filled with all the convenience is everyone's future goals, especially those who are married. In general, each house to be built in the design as much as possible so that it has all the facilities, all household purposes can be found in the house when occupied later. But not everyone can realize that dream with various constraints such as lack of land, funds barely fit, and many more reasons to not like that in the desire.

A comfortable home with all the ease may actually be created without having to depend on the vast land and costly. If we want to think and find a lot of references, with creativity we can realize a comfortable and healthy occupancy .

The existence of outdoor furniture that is usually applied to the park, page, or porch of the house, could also be a solution for creating beauty houses, especially when viewed from the front. Outdoor furniture can create the aesthetic value of the house despite frequent function has nothing to do with the interior in the house.

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Choosing Outdoor Furniture Type

At the present time a lot of outdoor furniture that could be our choice, and each can beautify the area outside the house, for example to homepage. Home is usually not an area of ​​the main room in the house, so the selection of furniture on the porch better choose the size according to the area of ​​the room and multifunctional. For example,, put the seat with backrest width as well as a large holder in the veranda, will make the porch became noticeably narrow and result in restrictions of movement. Would be more appropriate if you choose furniture that is practical appropriate area of ​​the room, while maintaining the beauty and functionality of the room

On a more minimal space in order to have a high flexibility you can use any type of seat and backrest or without handles can also be put on the table the sides. Size outdoor furniture, ideally is 60 cm - 90 cm. Can also use the minimum size is the size 60 cm x 60 cm. Putting sized round table 60 cm may be an option so that you become more elegant veranda and varied.

If your porch is small and may not put furniture, You do not need to force to keep applying large furniture. You should consider the function, then appearance. If your verandah spacious enough, will be free to choose the type of furniture that is the most fashionable and attractive. It is far more profitable because the veranda looks more luxurious and attractive.

Material terms of the furniture maker is also important to consider because the porch itself is connected directly to the chamber and the outside air. Most of the furniture is very easily affected by weather factors that damage the furniture itself, for the outdoor furniture is usually made ari special material that is hard wearing as plastic, wood, rattan, to metal. Especially for wood materials should use solid teak wood so that the quality and durability is maintained. Finishing wood furniture also play a role in supporting resistance to weather. To keep the furniture though more durable and not easily weathered wood should be coated with varnish or melamine.

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Methods of marketing with email marketing
Small Businesses Can Enhanced With Business Strategy Email Marketing. It is one of the innovative strategies that require creativity. It is based on the cost of effort or cost of production which if not properly analyzed and maximum effort will lead to the collapse of the industry, especially for small businesses.

Ways To Increase Small Business and SME with Internet Benefits one of which is with Email Marketing. According to a survey in the US strategy of Email Marketing ranks second selected by the marketer to promote business online they, after Paid Listings on various search engines. Although Email marketing a way that is long enough to be, but the popularity and effectiveness is still pretty good.
One of the advantages Email marketing is the issue of costs incurred for marketing. Send an email to the same person by submitting to hundreds of people, so prospects can reach a wider customer. But there is also a negative side, by sending a mass email at the same time as it can be considered as spam. So you have to be careful in this regard.
Business Strategies in Marketing and Product Promotion of SMEs With Social Media in the Internet it is definitely in need of email as a means of beginning to create an account on social media. Management of social media such as facebook, twitter and the other is a further series of use and the need for email.
In addition to receiving promotional emails containing from offenders Email Marketing sometimes not everyone is pleased , since they do not require the information offered. In addition they feel is not given the option to receive or not receive the email. Because it is important to consider is the selection of prospective customer will be sent an email.
Back to the importance of Email marketing, turns Email marketing still ranks top, because it turns the user also like email marketing. Quris research results concerning the behavior of email users in the US shows 45 per cent said e-mail is a great way for companies to maintain relationships with customers.
There are some things that are expected of people of Email Marketing This is expecting immediate response and to maintain good relations between producers and consumers. Indeed, retain the customer who is a major concern of marketers today. Email marketing strategy is a way of increasingsmall business and marketing strategies in order to have a competitive edge better.
There are several factors that make Email Marketing can produce manfat good for your business , among others :
1. Note the purpose of offering you give to the recipient.
2. Make sure you choose the right email marketing recipients, whether the recipient in accordance with the existing content offerings in the email. If it does not fit between the recipient and the contents of your efforts in vain.
3. Design Your email interesting and innovative. After you determine the target and content appropriate Email Marketing, Do not forget to create an attractive and innovative designs so that the recipient is willing to read the offer to finish.
4. Give the option to send email marketing to the web or other forms, so that recipients consciously want to send news and offers new new.
Although many people are upset by the inclusion Email Marketing in their mail inbox, but it is still an effective way for marketing strategy. Give the form to unsubscribe if they are not pleased with your email. This makes them comfortable and do not even want to unsubscribe from your customer database. In addition, an email marketing strategy how to improve small businesses and SMEs through the Internet benefits.
Pengelolaan email marketing dan strategi bisnis lainnya merupakan Ways To Make Profitable Entrepreneurial For Employment.Therefore, small businesses and potential The future is really capable of being a response to the need for jobs.

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Business and Employment Opportunities Creative Industries have a relationship and relation to one another. In the current era, after the change period of the mechanization of agriculture and industrialization, with the progress of the development of information and technology we are required to more creative.

This is a very appropriate considering the momentum has been a shift or transformasi by, ie work pattern, patterns of production and distribution patterns over time will be factor thruster, well it pushes forward, and push back the level of economic and social welfare in general.
Based on the basic word meaning, industry is the creation of goods and services that have added value. While creative means create namely the process of creating something. Creative Industries is one of the industry that creates, utilize and modify resources or materials that are innovative governance, in other words at some point in time will happen again inventions, products,design and pattern of the results of the existing creation by relying on the expertise, talent and creativity as intellectual property that will encourage the creative economy. This is very different than the industries that utilize natural resources such as oil and gas (oil and gas) which is certainly at a certain point in time it will habis.Selain, through creative industries potential for increased employment also increased.
According to the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia definition of creative industries are defined as "derived from the Industry utilization creativity, skills and talent individual in order to create welfareand jobs through the creation and utilization power creation and creativity of the individual. "There 14 subsektoral creative industries are potentially create business opportunities and employment, as quoted from the blog AgusWibisono.com ie :
1. Advertising
Advertising is an activity related to advertising services (one-way communication by using specific media), which includes the process of creation, production and distribution of the resulting ad, for example: market research, communications planning ad, outdoor advertising, production of advertising material, promotion, public relations campaign, display advertising in print media (newspaper, magazine) and electronic (Television and radio), installation of various posters and images, dissemination of leaflets, pamphlet, orbit, brochures and similar advertising, distribution and delivery of advertising materials or samples, and leasing fields for advertising.
2. Architecture
Activity creative related to building design services, construction cost planning, conservation of heritage buildings, both overall construction supervision of macro-level (Town planning, urban design, landscape architecture) to the micro level (construction details, for example: garden architecture, interior design).
3. Art Goods Market
Creative activities relating to trade in goods original, unique and rare and has a high aesthetic value of art at auction, gallery, store, supermarkets, and the Internet, for example: musical instrument, printing, craft, automobile, film, art and paintings.
4. Craft
Creative activities related to the creation, production and distribution of products made by skilled craftsmen produced starting from the initial design to the completion of the process of product, among other things, handicraft items made from: precious stones, natural and artificial fibers, skin, rattan, bamboo, wood, metal (gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron) wood, glass, porcelain, cloth, marble, clay, and lime. Craft products generally only produced in relatively small quantities (not mass production).
5. Design
Creative activities associated with the creation of graphic design, interior design, product design, industrial design, corporate identity consulting and marketing research services as well as the production of packaging and packing services.
6. Fashion
Creative activities associated with the creation of clothing design, footwear design, and other fashion accessories design, production of fashion clothing and accessories, consulting fashion product line, and distribution of fashion products.
7. Video, Film & Photography
Creative activities related to the creation of video production, film, and photographic services, and distribution of video recordings and films. Including scriptwriting, dubbing film, cinematography, soap, and exhibition of films.
8. Interactive Games
Creative activities related to the creation, production, and distribution of computer and video games that are fun, agility, and education. Subsector interactive game is not dominated solely as entertainment but also as a learning tool or education.
9. Music
Creative activities related to the creation / composition, show, reproduction, and distribution of sound recordings.
10. Performing Arts
Creative activities related to content development efforts, production performances (example: ballet, traditional dances, contemporary dance, drama, traditional music, music theater, opera, including a tour of ethnic music), design and manufacture fashion show, the stage, and lighting system.
11. Publishing and Printing
Creative activities related to the content writing and publishing a book, journal, newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and digital content as well as the activities of news agencies and news search. This subsector also includes the issuance of stamps, stamp, paper money, blank check, round, share letters, bonds share certificates, other securities, passport, airfares, and other special publications. Also includes publishing pictures, Gravure (engraving) and postcards, form, poster, reproduction, printing painting, and other printed matter, including micro-movie footage.
12. Computer and Software Services
Creative activities associated with the development of information technology including computer services, data processing, database development, Software development, system integration, design and analysis system, architectural design software, infrastructure design software and hardware, and portal design including maintenance.
13. Television & Radio
Creative activities related to business creation, production and packaging of television programs (like games, quiz, reality show, infotainment, and others), broadcasting, and transmission of television and radio content, including activities station relay (transmitter back) radio and television broadcasts.
14. Research and Development
Creative activities related to innovative businesses that offer the discovery of science and technology and the application of science and knowledge for product improvement and new product creation, The new process, new materials, new tools, The new method, and new technologies that can meet the needs of the market; including those relating to the humanities such as research and development of language, literature, and art; as well as business and management consultancy services.
Creative industries in Indonesia should be developed for the creative industries can provide significant economic contribution and create a positive business climate and build the image and identity of the nation. On the other hand, creative industries based on renewable resources, creating innovation and creativity which is the competitive advantage of a nation as well as provide positive social impact. Nevertheless, to drive the creative industries required several factors. Between, educational instruction, rewards the creative people, and create a conducive business climate.
In addition, the utilization of existing creative industries can reduce the use of natural resources are not renewable. For example, the use of commodity wood forest products. If the wood is used only as a product of the timber industry, the paper will have a price (value added) slightly when compared to the use for furniture or for handicrafts, in this case represents the creative industries. Ideas and creativity are becoming valuables.
Yet, there is a powerful deterrent in the creative industries, namely intellectual property and piracy. A valuable asset of the creative industries is the idea of ​​creation. This idea is abstract, but will feel the benefits. The idea that create added value, hence the need for the recognition of intellectual property rights (Right) to prevent piracy. Piracy content creative industries ( music, film,software, art design etc) can be detrimental to the creative industries and stifles innovation.

Business Strategies in Marketing and Product Promotion of SMEs With Social Media on the Internet is one thing that should be considered, especially for developing markets.

Social media in addition used as a venue to make friends, The latter is also used to be one of the fields of promotion potential.
Various types of products and services ranging crowded market businesses through personal accounts are deliberately designed to promote business and business in cyberspace. Power of social media (socmed) sizeable, provide benefits for businesses. Understanding Business Strategies in Marketing and Product Promotion of SMEs With Social Media in the Internet , at least the employers can reduce the cost of advertising each month and bring a lot of customers from all walks of life.

Business Strategy In SME Product Marketing With Social Media
Therefore, if we are interested in learning how to use social media media information that this time will be discussed and inform about some rules and ethics that we need to consider when optimizing promotion in social media.

Understand Rules
Although there is no fixed rule (black and white) which regulate the provisions and terms of socializing in social media, but it is important for us to understand the unwritten rules or manners in promoting products and services. If it is not we look good, bisa-bisa perusahaan The question is – what kind of clean room is suitable when the only thing standing between a best-data-recovery.com recovery technician and your valuable best-data-recovery.com is a speck of dust?The magnetic read/write heads that work with the platters where your best-data-recovery.com is stored float a distance of mere microns over the platter surface. we labeled as spam / junk information that many consumers are going to leave your account, so the business opportunities that previously we have created will be deserted and cause collapse.
Understanding Market and Offers
Prior to market a product or service through online media and social media as a medium of information on the internet, we must first understand who the target market we are going to shoot. We can not treat all customers or prospective customers with equally, and promote our products to people who are not interested. For example, promoting the products of small businesses in the field of printing machines to entrepreneurs chips, and vice versa.
Build effective communication

Sometimes businesses just concentrate on marketing its products by sending a picture or text message about an offer to its customers regardless of the communication established among them. This is what makes consumers feel bored with our online media account, so they often choose to unfollow or block the account because we too often send offers boring. Though business opportunities through online marketing has great potential in increasing profits and additional income, particularly those working in the field of SMEs and other entrepreneurial sectors.
Providing Response
When getting a comment or reply retweet from consumers, we are required to immediately respond with a fairly warm response. The response that we give to consumers, become one of the effective tools to assure consumers that we have a big enough concern to the problems they face. When we find very many questions, then we can add a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) to make it easier for consumers to know the answers they need from some of the frequently asked questions consumers.This very important to apply especially for entrepreneurs and SMEs fields that use the Internet as a marketing medium.

Doing business strategy effectively indexed for easy search engine
Last One, we need to do some surefire steps that we make promotional messages on social media can be quickly indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, dll). For example just by including the hashtag (#) when using twitter, The method aims to facilitate our twitter indexed in search engines and is in the first position when the twitter users search for the keywords we use. The same thing applies on facebook.
Well, after reading the above article, of course we can start the action in running an online business and marketing products in the hope of bringing SMEs huge profits every month with the promotion in social media.