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Type of business license


  1. Principle Permit, Disturbance Permit, and permit- (SITU)

Permission Principle is an approval issued by the Local Government (Local Government) to establish local industrial enterprises. If we have the Consent Principle, easy for us to establish a firm order at any time if there is a check of our company will be safe. Disturbance Permit is a place of business permits to companies in certain locations that may pose a danger,disruption or damage to the environment. Usually to get this Disturbance Permit, the company does not pollute the environment and or no negative environmental impact of the work done. The location permit is granting a license to an individual business or business bbadan not cause disruption or damage to the environment in a specific location. Every company that is necessary and should take care for the safety and smoothness SITU efforts. THERE was issued by the District or Municipal governments throughout the provisions of the Act interference mewajibkannnya. In running the company, businessman concerned shall comply with the terms of, among others, : Security,Health,Order, And Others.

  1. Trade Business Permit (License)

Trade Permit is a permit to carry out business activities. License useful for the public to borrow funds to bank or other authorized financial institution.

  1. TDP ( Certificate of Company Registration ) and NRP ( Company Registration Number )

Company shall register in the list of companies (including foreign companies) which berkependudukan and carries on business in the region of the Republic of Indonesia according to the provisions of the legislation in force ( and has permission), including branch offices, auxiliary offices, subsidiary, as well as agents and representatives of the company itru who has the authority to enter into an agreement.

  1. EIA (Environmental Impact Analysis)

The purpose of the analysis of environmental dmpak is achieving the sound environment and the controlled use of natural resources wisely.

  1. NRA (Bank Account Number)

Serves as a means of financial transactions in the business through the Bank, to be more easily, quickly and efficiently.

  1. TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)

Serves as identification or identity Taxpayer, to meet the obligations of Taxation, for example in charging tuition, and for purposes related to tax documents.

  1. IMB (Permit buildings)

Any development which was founded by Indonesian citizens, accordance with the regulations and legislation are required to have a permit. IMB relating to safety as a result of the buildings built and especially the spatial arrangement.


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