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Tips to build a franchise (franchise)

There are a few common questions below we thought at the time to think how to create a franchise. Then shall we liable in accordance with the observation that I do

  1. After some franchisors in Indonesia have "TRUST" in kalanganya, easily they build more than 1 product franchise.
  2. Many of the entrepreneurs who have been successful entrepreneur in the sense of hysteria enough product sales turnover turnover abundant eyebrows, then do not open branches or partners kerjasamnya.
  3. Pingin reason really has franchise products, but do not have a franchise product altogether
  4. Those who already have a superior product could potentially in franchised, fear can not build a system, nor do they feel can not make SOP and Management Standards that will be on offer
  5. There is a sense kekwatiran when offering potential franchise, the partners are not lucky aka losers
  6. Even some who already has several branches efforts, turned out to not be promoted to the masses

Let us answer some of the points above
The first point, we see an example of a successful franchisor, we take it, Hendy owner Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, now there are 3 products developed by the franchisor, there piramizza, grilled chicken mas mono, and product creation itself is Turkish kebab (The knowledge I, please check itself kebenaranya). A trust or a trust Indonesia, turned out to provide an opportunity for new business opportunities Hendy. and of course as well, including one who took our decision in product management franchise that other person. By building trust, can be concluded to be a lot in applying the product owner owner, where the products of others is already flashy brandingnya. Quite fantastic right? only with trust making franchise to two, third, The fourth and so on live post management.

Point two, is the fear of not being able to think for management, or it could be the owner of the business in addressing some of its outlets is sufficient scrambling, Not that employers must fredom, without scrambling memenejemen efforts. If asked, whether the father in franchised businesses?, oh do not pack, I wrote with my effort was enough perpenghasilan and of course I will be tired again if the building business for at franchised. If you have this, there is usually a franchisor or a new hand hands trying to build a franchise that entrepreneurs product. Imagine, efforts obviously there, turnover is quite interesting, stay a little struggle for products made in the franchise. see point 3 under this yea ...

Third Point, for those of you who are currently very enthusiastic and already has a delicious and easy paradigm How can I create a franchise, then that such a point 2 The above is your potential. Only by sharing or profit sharing in the franchised business results, maybe you already have a product directly franchise. Each area, it is certain to have a superior product, either its food, beverages or services. If the product is not featured at all in franchised, grab this potential for immediately in the wake of the franchise. So that's it, stay you make a standard management, including some standard SOP SOP production, SOP services, SOP management and others are required. If the product does not have any branding, immediately to back LOGO including tag or label, which previously only use the cart as it is, well let's wake up the display as attractive outlet. Many current franchise wagon maker gorgeous and cute cute.

Point to four, well this is mostly the thought that they, Is not it time they manage the business had no way means memenajemennya. Cuman, management is usually applied only by traditional customs or sufficient in put in mind. For example, if making a product or process, they are usually stored in the brain alone. Or how they serve customers customers that are interested to buy and hold, This is sometimes also not written, cuman in wishful thinking alone. In fact, building management systems and SOPs which later became a standard manual or a book written. It simply write anything that was done from the A to the Z. Well, because employers usually are lazy ( he he he), writing is something that they need to fight to death death. And with a little expend energy to it, then their earning potential will quickly soared like thunder reverberated. Including How can manage the financial planning of your business, many parties who are currently serving consultants financial planning, such as

Point to five, the need to remember, all of the business at risk. Sometimes you lose sometimes you fail. And this has been clearly understood by welding.. by every member of the entrepreneur. With the same product, The only place success, could be in other places not successful. But as a man who later became a franchisor, Do not the worry with this. But continued to give supprot for your partner partner who happens to not give your turnover as expected. You need to do an evaluation of the management and marketing of your local partners that tip ends into a new hope for your partner. Do motivate your partner. Foreign franchises in Indonesia is also a lot of flailing friend ...... Franchise local franchise with great branding too many partners are falling. Why be like this, many factors such as the partners do not comply with the rules or SOP that is given, It could be your partner cheating, as an example that should wear a standard product from center, then create their own material products, in the hope that it more profitable partners do not order the material standard of center, memanejemen way employees are not serious, memanejemennya chaotic way, or by some reason the partners do not want your franchise brand membranding, pinginnya have their own brands with the same menu. we will see, well well Mc. Donald last year in gegerkan with franchise Tony Jack. and now how Tony Jack's condition.. Find yourself the news.

Point to six, many ways to promote the products of the franchise, as an example of building a blog, build a network through facebook and twiter, could then also participate in the exhibition exhibition magazine media media franchise or franchise.




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