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Glossary of terms in the world of psychology

  • Amimism is the term given to the logic errors that occur in children, considers inanimate objects have feelings and motives.
  • Arctophile is a term for someone who has A / collecting the teddy bear (Teddy Bears).
  • Avoidant is the term given to the feeling insecure and are very sensitive to things that are negative, afraid rated, criticized and humiliated.
  • Cellanoma is the urge to take your phone every time someone else do it
  • Cotard’s Syndrome is a state of mental disorder in which the sufferer to believe that he is dead
  • Cyber-Love is the closeness that exists pattern of social relationships created in the media or other cyber interactions.
  • Dysania is a state in which a person is difficult to leave his bed in the morning.
  • Eccedentesiast is a term for someone who hide their pain behind the smile
  • Hipotimia is the state of a person who was always depressed and sad, always complaining and had no spirit.
  • Librocubicularist is a term for someone who likes to read in bed.
  • Lychnobite is a term for people who work at night and sleep during the day.
  • Mondegreen is a term used to describe when you misheard lyrics.
  • Munchausen is a disorder that describes a person who pretends to be sad / sick For getting the attention of others
  • Mythomania is a lie disease conducted continuously but the sufferer does not have any guilt.
  • Nyctophilia is a term for someone who likes the dark or at night.
  • Proprioception (body awareness) is the brain's ability to locate the parts of our body without the need to view it.
  • Homecoming is the term given to the feeling a person happy when finally reunited with someone after so long.
  • Rhotascim is the medical term for people who have difficulty pronounce the letter 'R’ (Cadel)
  • Sindrom Narcolepsy a sudden sleep attacks without signs of drowsiness.
  • Sleep Related Eating Disorder is a term for people who often awake midnight to eat snacks / light (snack) then go back to sleep.
  • Sleepwalking or so-called Sleepwalking is that we are familiar with sleepwalking. Can cause gene, environmental or medical.
  • Somniloquy is a term for people who have the habit of talking while asleep.
  • Spotlight Effect is when you feel someone is watching you.
  • Heartbroken it can be the cause of the dead know… Name illness or term for the situation is Stress Cardiomyopathy.
  • Textiety is a sense of restless and uneasy when you do not receive or send short messages or SMS

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