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Taking Lessons Learned From a Failure

failure is a common thing in every entrepreneur. therefore recognize and learn the reasons why you fail.

1. Learn to validate product ideas with customers

Make sure your product idea into a major requirement of customers , How can your products be sold, if nobody need your product.

2. Understanding the importance of the founder, partners, and team members.
humans are social creatures . humans will always be in touch with each other. build a solid team , who have the same vision with you . build a relationship with anyone because the relationship is the gate of your business success.

3. Trying to be more aggressive.
Difficulty entrepreneurs are learning to familiarize himself to be aggressive, indeed some consumers etc., will be very uncomfortable dealing with people who are aggressive as salesman / girl etc. But you should know that to be successful aggressive attitude in running your business is very important because it will be the driver of the success of your business.

4. Have a long-term vision
an entrepreneur should have a long-term vision & Strong hold their vision up before starting the next business . commitment to the long-term vision is one way towards a successful entrepreneur.

5. Creating a unique product
Be safe, If you decide to copy the startup others. Startup You may not be as good as the original, and most likely customers are not so interested in your product because it is not a new concept. Cap Watkin, a designer on Etsy, say: “Which must be built that your product, not the products of others.”

According to, The most successful product is a product that can execute a vision that is consistent with the purpose of the product and its customers.

6. Trying to find the right investors
In carrying out the mission towards a successful entrepreneur you should be able to find the right investor for your business. A startup will succeed, if an entrepreneur can work with investors who have the same goals and philosophy with. In addition to full support in the financial, You also have to look for an investor who can give positive suggestions about how to make the company become more organized.

That is the reason why we as entrepreneurs who want success must be able to wisely in taking lessons of failure experienced by entrepreneurs who have been successful, then tried to avoid it then run what should be done.

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