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10 List of the largest oil companies in Indonesia

10 List of the largest oil companies in Indonesia

oil production up 12 February 2014 in Indonesia reached 790.314 barrels per day (bph). The production comes from 54 Cooperation Contract (PSC). This report is obtained from the Special Unit the Upstream Oil and Gasbumi (SKK Migas).

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia is the largest oil producer in Indonesia. Companies from United States (AS) were able to produce oil 308.528 barrels per day. Then followed a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Limited) namely PT Pertamina EP, which produce as much oil 113.152 bph. In third position is the French oil company PT Total E&P Indonesia, which produces 66.053 bph.

The list 10 the largest oil company in Indonesia as follows :
Chevron Pacific Indonesia 308.523 barrels per day (bph)
Pertamina 113.152 bph
Total E&P Indonesia 66.053 bph
PHE ONWJ 36.854 bph
CNOOC SES LTD 34,005 bph
Conoco Philips Indonesia Ltd. 30,641 bph
Mobil Cepu Ltd. 27.104 bph
Chevron Indonesia 19.244 bph
PHE WMO 18.607 bph
Petro China 15.406 bph

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