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12 habits that people often do successful people

12 habits that people often do successful people

Many people say that everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful and this is indeed true. It is indeed true, and in fact only a few people can take advantage of the opportunity to eventually become a success and many of them are actually wasting them so they live a life of monotonous and mediocre.

Kali ini Marc, penulis blog populer Marc and Angel telah mempelajari kebiasaan dari banyak orang sukses dan membuat kesimpulan ternyata mereka semua memiliki kebiasaan yang berbeda dalam menjalani hidupnya untuk meraih sebuah sukses dan berikut adalah 12 things that successful people:

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1. They make and attempt to fulfill a SMART targets.

People who succeed are those who objectively. They always have a realistic goal in mind. They know what they want and trying to pursue it. Untuk itu mereka biasanya membuat sebuat target S.M.A.R.T. and trying to make it happen.

According to Marc, target S.M.A.R.T. is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Let us discuss them one by one.

Specific – target yang ingin anda capai haruslah spesifik, specify limits and not to the target will be met widespread. Target yang lebih spesifik mempunyai kesempatan untuk anda penuhi dan anda selesaikan lebih besar dibanding target yang umum.

Measurable – tidak hanya spesifik, you also have to make these targets can be measured logically to know the process of your target. Ask yourself, such as how many? how long? So you can find out KaPai these targets are met.

Attainable – anda harus membuat target yang objektif atau dengan kata lain dapat ada capai dan selesaikan atau dengan kata lain target tersebut harus realistik dan anda tahu cara menyelesaikan target tersebut.

Relevant – Target yang relevan maksudnya adalah apakah target tersebut penting dan mampu anda capai serta sesuai dengan diri anda.

Timely – Hal ini merupakan hal penting. The Time, you should have a deadline or deadlines of each target that you created. It will help you to better fouks to your business so that it can finish before the deadline specified.

If you want to be successful, anda harus bisa membuat target anda menjadi target yang S.M.A.R.T. karena nantinya target ini akan membantu dan memberikan motivasi kepada anda untuk berusaha menyelesaikan target tersebut.

Every successful person or trying to be successful must have targets in life. If your target is a success, then measuring the success, for more specific, promote the objectives and relevant and make their deadlines.

Start with a small success targets, If you are a seller of shoes. Determine how much should you sell in one day, for example your target sell 1 pairs of shoes every day. Reach the target in advance, after you successfully increase to 5 tide. If it works again increase to 10 tide. Until you can sell millions of pairs of shoes every day and become a successful entrepreneur shoes.

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2. They are always willing to take decisive and immediate action.

You should know, be smart not specify you will be successful. Only a brave person to take action to transform themselves to be successful and they take advantage of smart people to work for them.

Who was Bill Gates? He was just a student who drop out from school and doing an action to create a software which ultimately change the world. The Result? He managed to succeed with the Microsoft company he founded,

Who was Richard Branson? He's just a patient diseleksia released from school and the beginning of the selling magazines, he eventually managed to build a business empire worth billions of dollars, bernama Virgin Group.

So you just have to dare to make decisive action to change your life or someone else's life for the better and become a successful person. All the knowledge and intelligence actually completely useless without an action. Simple can?

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3. They focus becomes productive, not be busy.

Being busy is not necessarily going to make you a successful person, but to be productive you will surely succeed membuant.

Work “smarter”, not harder. Perhaps this is the right expression for today. How do you change your occupation into a productivity? Easy. Calm yourself, review all commitments and targets are you looking to accomplish.

Make it a priority of the tasks you, and do the tasks one by one starting from the most important. Give yourself to rest on the sidelines of a task with other tasks.

Remember the most important result is compared to the time you reach to achieve the hasi.

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4. They make decisions logically and objectively.

Sometimes people who are successful can undermine all that he had built for years only with an emotional decision, where he was greatly influenced by his feelings in the decision making.

Emotion or feeling it gives a different color in our lives. Emotions can also make us do the wrong thing, especially in making a decision.

One thing to remember is do not let your emotions take control of your mind and logic in taking a decision. If this is the case, first calm yourself, until you can think clearly, only then you make a decision.

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5. They avoid to make things perfect.

Perfection is the goal of everyone in completing tasks or goals achieved. But it also makes one's perfection spend too much time and attention to make it and also keeping, until finally they forget the other things they should do.

A perfectionist really like a perfection in life and they are also always difficult to start something or even finish. Karena pada dasarnya mereka selalu mempertimbangkan matang-matang suatu hal sebelum mereka memulai atau menyelesaikan hal tersebut.

Remember, to become a success does not always have to be a perfectionist, you just need the courage to start and finish your targets, and try to improve outcomes and processes that you go through in order to get better and better. Anyway nothing is perfect in this world, is not it?

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6. They work outside their comfort zone.

Those who are successful today, because they are unable to work or do something outside their comfort zone. These people dare to take the chance to change their lives, and also willing to accept failure can rarely be accepted by people who are in the comfort zone.

If you feel your life is now quite happy and secure, then this time you are in the comfort zone. To be a successful person, you have to venture out of the zone and perform an act of change and accept the risk of a failure.

Keep in mind, successful person is one who is able to accept a failure they face and bounced back to fulfill his dream.

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7. They make things simpler

Leonardo da Vinci pernah mengatakan “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."Means that simplicity is perfection. Something simple and simple does not mean poor quality, Sometimes it is useful to provide benefits for everyone.

In this modern era, information is very fast moving and appeared many innovations boundless. Unfortunately this makes a complication, difficulties and also conflict confusion.

People who currently have success trying to always make things as simple as possible so it is easy to understand and well understood.

Kita bisa mengambil contoh dari Google, and see how they make its search engine is so simple and simple with just the logo and search box in it, in the absence of other things that do not need. However, this simplicity, Google makes it easier to use, so in the end the company was able to become the largest Internet companies in the world.

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8. They focused create something small with unceasing development.

Start with a small change, with a big dream. No one was able to make a big thing directly in the blink of an eye. It all started from something small with unceasing development, because if it continues to develop a small thing too long can become big.

If you start with small things, you do not have to need a lot of motivation and resources to create it. After the small things created, began to develop and continue to develop until eventually it becomes a big thing and can change people in the world.

Lihat bagaimana Facebook memulai, of only a small social network for students, until finally becoming a social networking has had 1 billion users worldwide. Atau pengusaha Bob Sadino, who started his business of selling eggs circumference, sampai akhirnya dia berhasil mengelola jaringan ritel makanan Kem Chicks yang tersebar dimana-mana.

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9. They always measure and see the process of their target.

Successful people do not just work on their business, tapi mereka juga bekerja dalam business. They always evaluate what they have done. They also measure their positions with the targets they want to achieve and trying to figure out how to how to-improve-new.

You can not control what you do not measure and know. If you are able to see where your current position, you can decide whether you are correct way or you're on the wrong path. That way you can improve your way in achieving these targets.

Try measuring every action that you do, note the process so that you can remember. Then set the target that you want to achieve and measure whether you have reached the target or not. If you have not, certainly there is something wrong that you do and you have to fix it so that you are able to achieve these targets.

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10. They concentrate on the positive things and also learn from their mistakes.

Successful people are those who are able to think positively and concentrate on the positive things. They know their positivity able to bring them to a success.

Life is always trying to test you if you will continue to think positive or even negative thinking. The exam is a failure. If you think positive, you will see that failure is an opportunity, and vice versa if you think negative, you will see the failure is the end of everything.

Learn from failures and make it your stepping stone to progress further. Do not let negative thoughts control you and paralyze yourself to be successful.

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11. They spend time with the people who really.

Have you ever seen a director of a multinational company to hang out with thugs? Surely not. He certainly will associate with those professionals and experts.

Successful people always spend their time hanging out and communicate with people who are similar to them, able to support them and also a field with their. They create a social bond that can bring new energy to them and enable them to achieve their targets.

Actually very simple, Your association will determine whether you become. If you hang out with the wrong people, you will get a negative energy that will make you become negative, vice versa. Make sure you are dealing with people who can support you to achieve what you want to achieve.

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12. They are trying to balance their lives.

Sometimes there are people who managed to make a successful business and have a lot of money, but on the other hand he was not happy because they do not have love in him and made him lonely. Or a very happy because people are able to love him surrounded, but unfortunately these people have to work hard to earn money.

Be careful not to get caught up in this case. Make sure you balance life is good for business, social, family and love. If you are too focused on your business, in the end you will regret it because it is. Give time to yourself to enjoy the other things that you need to feel, do not let your mind blinded money.

This balance also help yourself to be happy in life, because one thing is for sure a successful person is one who is able to make himself happy in all aspects of life.



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