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Tips on how to maintain good relationships with co-workers

Tips on how to maintain good relationships with co-workers

Being in the office and spend most of the time there surely you should be able to interact well with co-workers. Here are some steps that you can follow to establish a good relationship with friends at the office.

1.Give a smile
Nothing wrong with throwing a smile and greet your colleagues every day so to office. Being polite to please other people as well give a good impression for you in their eyes.

2.Diligent interact
Interact with colleagues at every opportunity. Find out what the interest they, such as the type of music you listen to, the books they read, or movies they like. By knowing these things could be opening your casual chat.

3.Do not irritable
If co-workers about your catapult lelulon, no need to immediately get angry and attack, enough to laugh alone. Humor can establish relationships with colleagues and occasionally needed to relieve stress in the office. Yet, if lelulon is noticeably delay, for example, harassing or demeaning, You can ask a third party as a mediator. If it happens, make sure your emotions under control.

4.Give praise
Occasional compliment if your co-workers achieved something. It would be important to focus on the good work done colleague, rather than look at the negative things he did.

5.Show respect
Show respect for your teammates to comply with etiquette in the office or by responding to e-mails and messages from co-workers. If you ignore the message given by colleagues, especially regarding the information that is needed for the job, he may feel slighted.

If you want to be respected by other colleagues, then be similar to those. Always give a chance to others to express opinions, even if it is contrary to your opinion. If it turns out you do not like the personal co-workers, do not mix up the personal feelings with professional interests.

6. Overcome Conflict Professionals

The conflict is likely to occur among colleagues, but because it occurs in an office environment, You should be able to cope with a professional attitude. If a conflict occurs to you and a coworker, then overcome alone without referring other people to intervene. First try to correct themselves and avoid the rush complained to superiors.

7. Avoid Topics Not Comfortable

When talking with a co-worker, avoid topics that could make her feel uncomfortable. For example, topics about religion, family life, and so forth. Know that there are some people who feel uncomfortable to tell their personal life with work colleagues.

8. Do not Spread Rumors

Spreading gossip or rumors about a colleague is something you should avoid. If you hear the gossip of others, do not try to pass it on to someone else. The information you hear is not necessarily true, and if true, not your right to pass.


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