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Tips compelling presentations

Already, 15 seconds. That's the time you need to steal all the attention and give a positive impression on the listener presentation could be the boss or employee, and colleagues in the company. Listeners You also only need 15 minute to decide if your presentation is nice and worth listening to, or not.

Then, how to make them struck just in time 15 seconds? Here are the steps, as suggested by Inc.com.

1. Brief introduction
Do not spend time at the beginning to introduce yourself, very ineffective. If you are a speaker who was invited by the other party, let those who introduce who you are before you start the presentation. If not, introduce yourself briefly in a slide, needless to extraordinary lengths to explain.

2. Do not use jokes
Some people may argue that told jokes at the beginning of the presentation can warm the atmosphere and make you closer to the listener. It is a theory that has been fashioned. Joke at the beginning of the presentation is a sign that you are unsure and nervous. Listeners can be impatient if you linger with jokes that do not want to hear.

3. Do not start with background information
Usually the presentation will be opened with background information. Suppose "Our company has experienced during the 150 years in the retail field. "The opening of this kind seems ideal, but the problem, no one is concerned with background information. If your presentation in front of colleagues or superiors, then they must have been familiar with such information. Start with the fact that important and could provoke their curiosity.

4. Handlines their curiosity
To make the listener focus on what would you say, first you have to be curious them. First, do not open with a slide reading "John Doe, financial expert "followed by the description" Hi everyone, I am John Doe and I have worked as a financial expert for 15 year old. "

As a replacement, slide show with "Rp 1,000,000,000" This will provoke the attention of your audience. Then explain the "Yes, one billion dollars. That's the amount of money that has been wasted by each company each year. Yet, I can propose a way so that we do not lose anymore. "Compared to the opening of this first, listeners would be more interested if you do the second opening is not?

By doing the above four steps properly, we can be sure you will take all of the attention of listeners and did a great presentation.

Source: Inc.com

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