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Tip-style business students

A friend once asked, how the hell do so we can live frugally. I continued to answer with a short and simple. To learn life-saving, first we must learn nyari money first, learn to work, learn business! LHA is not it, someone usually can only appreciate the money if he understands how difficult it is to find money it.

"So that means we must work so? Wow, can be screwed dong college?” Hehehe,

calm down buddy. Do not trigger thinking if it was working and going to school as something heavy or rada-rada gimanaa so… So for the rubric tips this time I will try giving away tips on how fun and successful way nyari money but also not less successful college.

  1. Anyway try it!

Yoi friend, once again no harm to learn nyari money while in college. Let's say you're a rich kid, tetep no harm. Anyway fun aja if we can hard-earned money of its own, not as long as this is just a catch up on ortu. Wow, deh can not Explain how joy when holding the fruits of our money, although it was only slightly. Therefore, try it! Moreover, if you belong to the family of not capable or mediocre. Calculated to ease the burden on parents.

  1. Do not think the first cost-benefit.

Profit and loss in recent mah. Anyway we first wrote effort. Yet sustenance already governed by God. If thinkin fear loss mulu, edges even if we're not so run it his business. The important thing we nyari first experience

  1. Rational capital

Because our primary goal for students and learning, then do not wear big-big capital, for example, the investment of millions of dollars for the property business, or trade diamonds. Rational wrote for the student pocket. That as much if we lose not make us lose one's shirt. In fact, we can really do the business without capital can only gain is pretty big. Usually it is in the service sector, business like typing paper, business sanctify dirty clothes had one of my friends kos, so brokers traded goods and other basic needs.

  1. Define a clear segment

Remember! Market share we must be clear. If we students would be good yes if we target the business segment among students. Market share in a relatively large student know. You can trade the needs of students, like selling groceries for children boarding, catering services (means ngebeliin food stalls to routinely make people lazy out, but we add the price of services ngebeliin), sales voucher hp, selling stationery, selling textbook, and others.

  1. Mission face tebel

Business will not be successful if you are still shy, equally reluctant friend, and lainnya.Buang away feeling that mindermu! Pede wrote in business. Yet we also kosher nyari. So leave it there if my friends ngejek. We should be proud that, Young still could've business. So, tebel advance aja.

  1. Creative

It is important. Because the success of our business depends a lot on how creative we are in the business working. Think of new ideas that others do not think that way. For example, as I once wrote and my friends are working on, namely managing materials dipotokopikan lecture and then we take some profit from there. That's seems trivial. But let trivial anyway my friends not thinking that way.

Anyway if something creative as possible, do not care about the strange and would diketawain people. Our principles, let the dogs barking, businessman still passed.

  1. Small but still professional.

Let us countless small businesses, we must remain professional in the run.. Apply good management. Wear a good record-keeping or accounting. Implement the production and marketing of the right, market analysis… essentially not carelessly in business. If still carelessly wrote mending undo the business. Rather than try losses?

  1. Find a business partner

Business will be better if managed in the form of organization. Because the organization we can complement each other's deficiencies and synergy advantages that we have. Do not have a lot, just two or three people, then there is the role a director, there are so field marketing, production, or other publicity department.

  1. Do not fall asleep….

Well, put the business you wrote it turns out was a huge success and thankfully millions of dollars, as well as expanding its network. Remember one thing! Do not fall asleep… we are still students whose primary task still studying. Do not get because of busy business, college so abandoned. In the end we are the losers. Loss on tuition fees, loss in time, and others. Therefore, we should be able to share time. Where the time course, where time business. Business in college if I think more as a learning. Lectures, however, remains to be prioritized.

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