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The main cause of the company into bankruptcy

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Many cases of corporate failures in running the business. Not only business that just a short walk (1-2 year) but the effort that has been running for decades also has an equal chance to fail if it can not deal with the cause of the failure.

A concrete example that occurred in Batavia Air, which has been declared bankrupt aka bankruptcy. As reported by suarapengusaha.com, Batavia Air bankruptcy due to the management company that is not reliable. Manajamen are not competent to deal with companies with really only going to make a negative impact for the company.

In contrast to the Malaysian-owned airline, AirAsia where Tony Fernandez, CEO of implementing excellent management to avoid bankruptcy experienced by AirAsia. As we know, AirAsia taken over by Tony Fernandez when the company is insolvent with a very large amount of debt. But at this moment AirAsia is able to become one of the best airlines in Southeast Asia. Even able to become one of the sponsors one of the Premier League. It is not independent of management applied by Tony Ferandez to reconstruct the enterprise management system to success.

Each Flaws in a business must pick the causes and signs mengiringinnya. Here are some of the signs of the fall of a business that is summarized from various experiences of business practitioners who have experienced the ups and downs manage business.

First, Tidak Sabar. Pebisnis yang tidak tidak mempunyai kesabaran dalam menjalankan bisnisnya cenderung tidak telaten mengelola usaha. Moreover, impatience also cause a lot of carelessness that appears. Ketidaksabaran dan kecerobohan merupakan faktor yang sering menjadi penyebab hancurnya bisnis yang sudah dibina bertahun tahun.

Second, melupakan kepentingan usaha, and prioritizing personal interests. Start a successful businessman, seringkali lupa untuk membangun usahanya lebih kuat, and more competitive. Most business people who can not be moved at a good memajemen him fall asleep with efforts already underway, whereas in line with the development of the business, which he founded, many requirements needed to support the business activities. He actually increase and prioritize personal use that it has nothing to do with business activities.

He more priority to menimbum wealth and luxurious lifestyles of the results of its profits. Behave as if he had become a successful entrepreneur who has yet much remains to be done to establish a self-reliant in the company of all the problems that arise in case. Ia lebih banyak mengutamakan pencitraan kesuksesan perusahaan kepada masyarakat sekitar atau bahkan kolega-koleganya. This is kemudain backfire for him, when the financial condition of thinning the confusion menghamipirnya. And, if it can not react quickly then surely bankruptcy sooner or later be approached.

Third, terjebak kredit macet. Access to credit from banks that easy if not used with caution and measured will be the downfall of business dijalanai. It would be very wise when, credit used really used for business purposes and not for kepentinganpribadi.

Fourth, terlibat masalah hukum. Ketika sudah bertekad menjadi pewirausaha, The most important note is that social behavior should be away from legal issues, such deceptive, deceive others, steal and negative behavior, because any time someone could have caught laws bad for business are being built. If tangled legal issues, business reputation can be destroyed in a very short time.

Fifth, gampang tergoda promosi. Using company money for the benefit of the company that's hopes, but many nascent entrepreneur in addition have a habit of buying a product that no benefit is also easy to be tempted by the seduction campaign. Every exhibition always always sign a contract order goods without considering the company's financial condition.

Sixth, terlalu ambisius. Capital daring / ambitious without calculation, Sabet money here and there, regardless of where they come from money. In the end his efforts continue to slide down just because of the prestige wanted to be regarded as a multi-talented and successful entrepreneurs everywhere.

Seventh, lupa mengembalikan pinjaman. If borrowing is often forgotten that his reputation ruined menggembalikan, and if doing business with the results often neglected entitle the results to others. Because it is often forgotten that the use of business is duitnya people, businesses usually run ended with trouble and strife.

Eighth, kurang berinovasi, do not want and do not quickly learn about the condition of the business environment that is constantly evolving and constantly changing along with the changing times and social. Finally, the business did not sell and abandoned customers.

Ninth, tidak mampu melakukan kaderisasi, and lazy build system, and reluctant to delegate tasks to the team in its optimal well, making efforts to stagnate and lose energy to thrive. If not anticipated effort will eventually die.




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