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Step start an online business shop for beginners

or whatever it is, basically the same as making other sites, and 90% depending on the platform you are using, suppose we want to create an online shop with wordpress based platform, then your first step is, find themes or templates kind onlineshop, and it's been a lot of themes that you can use, ranging from free, until the pay and expensive! My advice to onlineshop display the themes should be enough to convince,
because it can not deny that today many scams online store mode! online store means you need enough to convince buyers! because otherwise, likely they will be looking for a great online store that is quite famous! the reason is quite simple, because they do not want the money they lost! that in view price comparison, between small shop online with great, will not differ much different, but the security of online shopping is one of the important factors!
The next step is, select the domain of considerable interest to your online store, whether it's a brand domain, or if you intend to sell the product, for example online specialty shop for footwear products, then your domain is Dira Shoe Stores,

this is to avoid the online store you keep running and did not experience such a trivial mistake server down, or has reached the maximum bandwidth and so on, My advice is, looking specifically for online stores outside server, because it is usually locally expensive otherwise very limited bandwidth limit! it does not matter, If the online store you do not have very many visitors, but if you shop online visitors already in the thousands per day, I think the server is down, could be the reason that it is clearly seen that the online store you can not rely on glasses buyers.

If 2 the above has been done, The next step is to find Dropship suppliers of products that you sell, You can also sell products that you already know well, or maybe if you have a small business, it does not hurt to sell these products! The most important in this step is, how you are looking for a product with good quality, and the price is quite reasonable or acceptable by the market!
If you already have a supplier, and your website is ready, The next step is to promote your online store! can be a way of SEO, SEM, or SMM, how anything can be alone, because the bottom line is you have to tell the people that you have an online store that can be trusted and offer a better price! an online shop can be successful, if you have 4 it, ie affordable prices, trustworthy, complete, and promotion.
In Logic People will not buy a product via online! but there are several reasons that encourage consumers to try shopping online! one of the reasons it is, because they could not find a product that is around them, or as it is cheaper and affordable! but that the greatest obstacle in an e-commerce industry is, trust factor! given the myriad of online fraud, and this is not the case in Indonesia alone, but throughout the world,
therefore, countries that have experienced would normally make online shopping security systems become more secure, whether it be from a payment system, like paypal that in which the consumer can cancel the payment or refund / payment dispute, or it could be the existence of a website website tasked to oversee reputation! and usually the government not stepped in the industry! Her reason is quite simple, that is not their field, perhaps from the government law enforcement could also apply the new rules, but the convenience and security of such transactions only the actors who could create a better system!
Conclusion: Basically to start a Business Online shop you only need three things, ie ecommerce Website or Online Shop, Products or looking for suppliers that can rely on, and the last is the Promotions and Marketing. Three case is arguably a pretty good first step, still no extras like Kepercayaan.Trusted seller, Market Research, and so forth.


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