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Tips in the face of business competition & competitors

In the business world has atw competitor competitors can no longer be avoided. Therefore ane mw try to share 15 These tips for agan agan in the face of competitors in order to survive in the business world.

1. In an effort to, emerging competitors is a natural thing. And we need to anticipate early. #15TipsBersaing

2. The presence of competitors jgn be used as a threat, but make opportunity and motivation For developing # 15TipsBersaing

3. There are several things you can do to deal with competitors since the early # 15TipsBersaing

4. Perform analysis early on when starting a SWOT analysis of internal and external analysis A- (competitors) #15TipsBersaing

5. When starting the process of making a business plan. Start planning for anticipated if there is a competitor entry # 15TipsBersaing

6. Of the competitors who actively, that we should be more active. Active for analyzing competitors # 15TipsBersaing

7. Competitor analysis can dlakukan dg visits to outlets competitors. Product test competitors, dg compare our # 15TipsBersaing

8. Consumers can also dg mndatangi, ask them never before satisfaction of competitors' products dbanding prod us # 15TipsBersaing

9. From the analysis of follow-up For competitors do not stop innovating in products. #15TipsBersaing

10. For details on search bs innovation in business innovation #InovasiUsaha Remember A- important sgt For prbaikan product # 15TipsBersaing

11. Business Innovation and improvement of product quality so that customers do not run into a competitor. #15TipsBersaing

12. Innovation in the event of promotion, For example, the more actively create awareness, trade promo, sales promo, discount # 15TipsBersaing

13. And that is very important always to communicate the advantages of our competitors dbanding the promotion dlm # 15TipsBersaing

14. In order not to run into a competitor, dg wake consumer relations, create community, create membercard, give the gift etc. # 15TipsBersaing

15. And every innovation, improvement of the quality and build customer relationships hrs dlakukan dg dg consistent # 15TipsBersaing

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