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How to apply for a loan to a standalone Islamic banks

How to apply pinjama into independent Islamic banks

You intend to propose pembiyaaan asSME venture capital business to Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM)? Why not try an easy way to get loans from the bank on this one? (first reading,advantages of using bank financing) Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) the Islamic banks which have the most powerful network in Indonesia today, so although somewhat private banks, You do not need to worry about the bank on this one. Has many experts who study the world economy with the sharia system developed by BSM, thus making bergaining of Islamic banks in Indonesia this one continues to experience rapid growth sufficient network.

pinjaman bank syariah mandiriWhy not take advantage of financing the services provided by the Bank Syariah Mandiri to your business venture managers of SMEs? Bank Syariah Mandiri loan fund provides financial services to the public in the two types of micro-finance (ten million down) and financing macro (tens of millions to top). You can choose the type of financing in accordance with the assurance that you have and the amount of funds that you want.

In general, some of the requirements that you must have to financing submission to Bank Syariah Mandiri are as follows:

  1. Collateral collateral certificate of land, garden, home, Reg and the like adapted to the type of financing you ask.
  2. KTP
  3. Family Card
  4. TIN
  5. Salary certificate or certificate of owning land or garden.
  6. Photos and forth.

Some general requirements above you need to have before financing is submitted to the Bank Syariah Mandiri. Usually after you file a financing, parties of Bank Syariah Mandiri will survey the location to guarantee that you ask.

Why do you need to apply for financing to Bank Syariah Mandiri? Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. Islamic system without interest, which is only used for the system so that the installment payment results are relatively cheaper compared to other banks.
  2. Submission process easy and very friendly service from the manager of Bank Syariah Mandiri.
  3. You will feel the blessing of SME business that you manage for wearing a clear source of capital and in accordance with sharia.
  4. By filing financing to BSM, You are registered as a customer and will have the opportunity to follow the lottery conducted by the BSM within a certain time.
  5. Just like other banks, BSM also provides loans macro hundreds of millions of dollars for those who want to manage large businesses.
  6. Saat ini BSM telah mengembangkan sayap hadir hampir di setiap kabupaten, making it easier for you to avail the services of Islamic banks.




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