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About Cashflow Quadrant recognize small business and big business

About Cashflow Quadrant recognize small business and big business

I want to explain about what is the Cashflow Quadrant before discussing how to describe information small and large businesses in the Cashflow Quadrant?

Robert T Kiyosaki says (2008 : 28),

"My second book in the series Rich Dad is Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant. Many people say that my book is important because it opens the eyes. I wrote the book to anyone who is ready to change in life ... change is far greater than simply moving work. "

The intent of the words of Robert Kiyosaki is a book Cashflow Quadrant is explained about the sources of money from each quadrant, but the focus and main goal is the priority quadrant business and investment.

I will explain the source of the money quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki.

A. Left quadrant consists of:
– E = an abbreviation of the word "employe" which means that the employee / labor / labor.
– S = stands for "Self-employe" which means people who work alone aka self-employment or S can be called also "Small Busines Owners that means small businesses"

Left quadrant to quadrant also called safety zone.

B. Right quadrant consists of:
– B = stands for "Business Owner" is synonymous with "Big Business", which means business owners, big business.
– I = investment means investing.

Right quadrant quadrant also called free zone.

I will explain about the information quadrant E.

Robert said (2008 : 29),

"How to determine which quadrant you are in determined which quadrant your money sourced. Dengan kata lain, if you receive income from a job and you receive a fixed salary of a company or business that is not yours, then the money will flow out of the quadrant E. "

People like this rely on financial security and assuredness to benefits. The nature of the workers alias from the E quadrant customarily is spoiled financially.

Then explain the quadrant S.

Robert Kiyosaki says (2008 : 29), “

If you live out of commission or receive money from a job are counted per hour, then you may be in quadrant S. Most salespeople who receive direct commissions, such as real estate agents, is from the quadrant S. "

more Robert (2008 : 29), "Quadrant S can also include professionals such as lawyers and doctors."

People of the S is: tailor, technician, builder, dai, artist, dll

People who come from the S quadrant usually people who are financially independent because it can be money or not depends on the tenacity he's looking for money. The more persistent search for money to increase its financial, although in terms of time more and do not have time for anything else.

S quadrant could also quadrant for business class who engage in business activities directly alias directly involved in business activity;

But there are obstacles, Robert explained that the business information is no such thing as a small business and big business is no such thing. Both businesses were located in different quadrants.

After the E and S I explained, turn right quadrant explain that B and I.

Robert Kiyosaki says (2008 : 30),

"If your income comes from the business that you do not need to be involved, then you are in the quadrant 'B'. kalau penghasilan anda berasal dari investasi, maka anda berada di kuadran ‘I’. kalau penghasilan anda berasal dari renacna pensiun perusahaan atau pemerintah, maka kemungkinannya adalah penghasilan lebih dari kuadran E. Mungin juga seserang menerima penghasilan lebih dari satu kuadran.”

Orang yang berasal dari kuadran “B” adalah orang yang mandiri secara finansial sama halnya orang dari kuadran “S”. bedanya adalah kalau orang kuadran B lebih punya banyak waktu walau punya beberapa bisnis besar.

Sedangkan orang dari kuadran “I” lebih kepada orang yang malas secara finansial. Artinya ingin mendapatkan uang tidak mau berusaha karena memang uang investasi akan sendirinya menghasilkan uang untuk si pemilik investasi tersebut.

Now, I will give you the information small and large businesses.

What's the difference between small business and big business? I was still confused from the opinions Kiyosaki because the information indicates that many small businesses but walking without direct involvement.

As my neighbors owned business office jobs. He opened a kiosk for businesses who works on computer rental, type services, printing photos, foto kopy. His business was taken care of some sodaranya without the need to involve business owners.

According to Robert (2008 : 30) to say that entrepreneurs big business owners can leave their business for one year or more, and when he returned to find his business more smoothly. Then he compares to entrepreneurs of small business owners of small businesses who supposedly can not be abandoned by their owners because they need to be directly involved.

Obviously I have my own opinion, big business is having systems organized business. This means that there is no system of recruitment, system rules, appointments system, dismissal system, pay system, and other systems are organized.

While small business is to have a system that is not organized. It has employees but not necessarily employees of the selection results. It could be his own brother put all voluntary.

Referensi: Robert T Kiyosaki, Business School, tr, Gramedia, Jakarta, 2008

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