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Tips cermat menghemat baterai pada ios 8.1

Perangkat iOS 8 does have a variety of new features and also some interesting animation that can really spoil the eye. However, with many interesting features that turned out to make the battery more extravagant. Some users complained about the battery life is more wasteful than before while still using iOS 7 for example. Here are some tips that you can do to mengehemat batteries On iOS devices 8.1 You Use.

1. Check the apps that are taking Lots Resource Battery
Tips Hemat Baterai iOS 8.1
Examine any application on the device iPad or iPhone you suck up battery power at most. The trick is, go to the Settings app => General => Usage => Battery Usage. In this menu you can view the battery usage by application and duration of use. If the percentage of use is fishy, ie, too high sometimes even without you using the application try recheck. If the application is often seen in multitask, or maybe just have a lot of unnecessary notifications, etc..

2 More Jeli in using Feature Location
HEmat Baterai iOS 8 dengan Jeli mempergunakan fitur location
Some of the applications on IOS is a lot of support features Location, The application stores a user's location when you upload a photo, to check in or do anything else. We recommend that you turn off location features in some applications sekitranya not needed or can also choose the option "While using" so that the location feature is active only when the application is used. To perform the settings are as follows:
Open the Applications menu Settings => Privacy => Location Services. Then turn off at some features that do not really need this feature location. For some other features can utilize features "While Using".

3. Reduce Notifications and Widgets iOS 8
Kurangi Notifikasi dan Widget Agar Hemat Baterai iOS 8
Reduce Notifications and Widgets iOS 8 To save battery iOS 8. Arrange notifications as needed and still informative. If it is not needed, you should just turn off notifications.

The trick is to go to the menu Settings => Notifications and select the application that will be set. We take the example application Dropbox, choose from the list earlier and go to its settings. You can bring up mmengcustom like notifications, then it appear in Notification Center, Badge and the alert style or sound notifications. But if we do not require notifications of tersetbut application should be turned off. Then for fashion Widget, This feature is a new feature in iOS 8. Turn off this widget with the way swipe down on the screen on your iOS device 8 you, select on the Today. Then press the Edit icon then remove unused Widget.

4. Turn off Auto Downloads feature
Hemat Baterai iOS 8 Dengan mematikan fitur auto download
Auto Downloads used for your device to always download every update of the application, music or any other content on the iTunes Store and the App Store. Because the automatic tersetting, then when there is an update to an application and no internet connection then the application will automatically be updates.

To set it up go to the menu Settings => iTunes & App Store then scroll to the Automatic Download and then turn off the setting that does not kpenting.

5. Turn off Handoff In Features
Matikan Hand Off Untuk Menghemat Baterai iOS 8
Perangkat iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite can do the job simultaneously with the features Handoff. You can reply to a message, use instant hotspot feature or may receive calls on the computer! However, if unused should turn off this feature to keep the battery handoff iOS 8 you are more durable. The trick is to open the Settings menu => General => Handoff & Suggested Apps.

6. Pack smart turn and Wi-Fi Data
Bijak Menyalakan Paket Data untuk Menghemat baterai ios 8
To save battery while saving data plan to surf, you can use the Wi-Fi service. When you connect to the wi-fi should just turn off your data package by going to Settings =>Cellular=> Cellular Data=>Off.
Likewise, when you are not using Wi-Fi turn off the feature back on your Wi-Fi and re-enable your data packages.

7. If you still use the Boros Recently Kick, Restore!
Restore untuk menghemat baterai iOS 8
If you've done tips 1 up to you 6 but still your battery wasteful. The final alternative is that you can use to perform a restore. Well I hope some of the above tips that we took from the MakeMac can help you . Terima kasih



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