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How to store gold safely

How to store gold safely
After you buy gold, you need to think about is the security of your gold storage.
  • save home, relatively safe way utuk gold deposit which is not so much. But make sure your home is always uninhabited or rarely in residence. You can store them in places privacy, such as in a locked cupboard.
  • Storing in steel brangkas, for more secure again while storing at home, you can use the steel berangkas certainly safer in the appeal in locked cabinets.
  • In addition, to avoid the risk of fire, flood and theft. Because the more protected and to break into the steel is certainly more difficult. Price was also Miscellaneous, an 2juta range, you can browse on google.
  • Save in Safe Deposit Box (SDB), which is the storage of valuables in a box seeurity available at major banks. The rental price also varies annually, depending on the policy of each bank.
  • Saving in gold pawn, in this way suitable for your gold stash at home last time you travel with family (Her example homecoming) and your house is empty. You can directly go to pawn shops or sharia or Islamic banks, then there menintipkan your gold. You only pay the cost of his buddy and adm. And it does not get the mortgage you take, or grab a taste for the extra cost you.




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