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7 Cara menagih utang dengan cerdik

The following article we quoted from tipsanda.com.

7 Cara menagih utang dengan cerdik

1. Telephone. Managing the bill collect debts sometimes make both sides uncomfortable. Indeed very sensitive money matters. You can still keep his feelings, better ask him directly when he could pay the debt. And should be conducted in a private place only between the two of you. If you do not feel strong enough bertatapanlangsung do it by phone or SMS. In this way the borrower is also not intimidated.

2. Ostensibly Need Money. The reason you need money could also be a way to collect debts. tell, for example, You need money to pay for a credit card or phone taguhan overdue. Despite the fact that no, but powerful enough white lies to make the borrower feel must immediately repay the loan.

3. Subtle satire. When many times you ask directly amicably, he also did not pay, try teased him in front of his friends. It would be fine for her jolt. Usually people do not want embarrassing things revealed in front of his friends, especially colleagues. His reputation could be tainted. Therefore, he would do anything to protect its reputation, including immediate return of loans

4. Contact family. You are close to the borrowers so familiar with family, take advantage of this relationship. Please contact one of her relatives, can be by phone or in person, tell this loan problem. When the family know, may help the borrower to repay the debt. Even if not, there is pressure from the family so that the borrower pay off. This method is not attractive sebanarnya, yet powerful enough to make your money back.

5. New deal. If in time the promised debt has not been repaid, invite the borrower to make a new deal (reschedulling). Toh, if the borrower does not have the money, You can not force. It is better to surrender, the origin of your money back. In the new agreement, give her a longer time. You can also both made an agreement that the borrower guarantees berbantuk goods equivalent in value to the amount of money borrowed. If you do not believe him, let alone the amount of money large enough, create a piece of paper stamped and signed by both no witnesses.

Five of the above still does not work? Try 2 The following method is more 'sadistic'. However, this method is not very advisable in view of the costs involved is quite large. Unless your receivables her enormous.

6. Make Announcement. If your efforts repeatedly fail, Instead, the borrower continues to shy away and difficult to reach, there is a powerful way, which made the announcement in the newspaper. It's a fairly extreme way and it costs too. But, no one is willing to conduct burunya known to many people.

7. Help From Outside. If you have a cost, and did not bother, You can hire collectors. Now known as the debt collector, title referred to collection. But mestidihitung-count also with the loan amount. Do not get the loan only Rp 5 million, You must pay USD 10 million for mengihnya. when a match, and how the family is not immune, there is no harm in this path taken.

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