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Cara mengenali karakter pelanggan dan cara menanggapinya

Cara mengenali karakter pelanggan dan cara menanggapinya

One of business tricks to increase profits is to know some of the characters customers. Customers will recognize the character of its effectiveness in overcoming or dealing with customers so that customers feel satisfied with your services rendered. The customer is king. Whatever the customer code, you should be able to face that they make purchases of products or services that you sell.

Some of the tricks and the way that you can recognize and overcome some of the characters customers, there are some steps that you should do the best that is among others :

1. Customers who can not wait
  1. Recognizing that customers can not wait through his attitude, then apologized to him for his service delayed.
  2. Telling him that he will be assisted as much as possible and as soon as possible.
  3. Quickly and efficiently deal with the situation and if necessary pacify the customer.
  4. Say thank you that the customer is willing to wait.
  5. Thank you once again to these customers and to apologize again for any inconvenience in service.

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2. Customers who have a lot of demand
  1. Say hello when it comes to you. When the telephone you must use a good telephone manner.
  2. listening to his request, if possible make a summary of the request. The request can not be fulfilled, depending on your wisdom or company.
  3. Customer demand as soon as possible, If possible, and not make a mistake in serving, because he will continue grilling you if there is the slightest mistake.
  4. Apologize and suggest alternatives if customers are not satisfied with the services provided.
  5. Immediately notify superiors citing customer demand if you are not able to serve those customers.
  6. Smiling all the time though annoyed.
3. Customers talkative
  1. Recognizing customer arrival with greetings.
  2. Take the necessary assistance.
  3. If the customer still talking you turned their attention to things that are offered with sufficient explanation.
  4. Offering help and praised the greatness of his talk.
  5. When you need to join in the talks while occasionally giving praise.
  6. When some praise seemed to work, you offer a product that is offered.
  7. Ask for the address and phone number. Customers love it if this type of attention.
4. Customers who likes to argue / debate
  1. Showed no reaction when customers are on the wrong side, Because if we behave, there will be a prolonged discussion.
  2. Being quiet is not nervous, and have not called for upset.
  3. Limiting a conversation on the issue at hand, not deviating from the subject.
  4. Present reasonable arguments, so that customers appreciate you, when the client is calm, you begin to provide services.
  5. Repeating the argument you just to remind him when the customer returns insisted his views.
  6. Look for the weakness of the argument of his customers and shows confusion to customers calm.
  7. If you can master the situation, customers will be softer.

5. Customers who reserved

  1. Customers tend to shy silent and will feel at ease when faced with a suave and caring.
  2. If the customer as if he were thinking about something, you should not invite to speak but enough asking questions that can draw attention to the products offered.
  3. If a customer finds a difficulty in speaking (stutter), You should not get hung up on these circumstances and should be mediocre.

Whatever the customer code, you must appear smiling and able to deal. Customers are the lifeblood of a business and your profits. Losing a customer means losing your money and it also affects can affect your efforts in build a positive image in the eyes of the customer business.




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