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Cara memulai bisnis jasa pengiriman barang & logistik

Cara memulai bisnis jasa pengiriman barang & logistik

Indonesian region composed of many islands & daerah dapat menjadi potensi besar bisnis pengiriman barang & logistik . tentunya potensi tersebut dapat dijadikan peluang usaha memulai sebuah usaha di bidang tersebut. berikut ini cara memulai bisnis di bidang pengiriman barang & logistik .

1. Specify a list of destinations that can be sent

Determine a list of destinations that can be sent is something that should be considered in starting freight business. but for those of you who can not reach the desired region, you can work together with the local delivery services. of course, with negotiated price that can be agreed between the shipping company.

2. Designing operational costs

make the design of an operational costs per day / per month starting from : parking , gasoline , car rental , maintenance vehicle spare parts , shipping insurance (if using insurance ) & Other costs.

if you can not buy a vehicle operation , you can rent a vehicle at jasa leasing of vehicles scattered throughout Indonesia . also for logistics warehouses you can rent a warehouse at an affordable price , & make sure the room to get out of the vehicle of your business operations do not bother.

3. Membuat sop internal & External companies

make some of the company's internal rules & External companies like : claim the goods , Delivery estimate , & Other rules rules.

4. Create promotion

Design logo , letterhead , banner , banner ,& website . make your logo with attractive as possible so that the customer / your clients may be interested in services you have.

5 . Create licensing formal

Make sure your business has licensing as minister of transport permits (Transportation Agency) & day operational license. & also has TIN , SIUP , tdp & perizinan lainnya. manage licensing aims in order to avoid sanctions & rules that have been set by the government.

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