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Peluang bisnis usaha jasa keamanan & penunggu rumah

A. Modal dasar :
• Bisnis usaha ini sebenarnya timbul untuk menjawab kebutuhan masalah keamanan yang akhir-akhir ini cenderung tingkat kriminalitasnya meningkat. Apalagi saat hari raya, saat di mana banyak orang pulang kampung meninggalkan rumahnya, This business is able to be an area of ​​considerable interest to cultivated because capital is the courage and little knowledge about security issues.
• Prepare a number of security tools. For it would need if it develops you take care of licensing to the police or the relevant office.
• The number of employees you hire here are usually some, depending on the number of clients you deal More and more, increasingly need personnel that much anyway. You can work with entrepreneurs who have experienced security services to start this business. From them you can get enough security personnel trained.
• To offer these services can get you started on the environment that you know in advance. It will continue to evolve with the needs of the service's security. If it continues to grow, try to recruit security personnel or security guards that you can own salary under a contract with your customers.
B. Preparation :
This business is actually more to do with how to prevent before something untoward happens. Therefore, it would need to also do the explanation to your clients about how to improve security measures for homes and their possessions.
C. Projected revenue :
This service costs are very varied depending on the security services offered. If it is only a few days when the occupants returned home or leaving home, You can offer a minimal cost of Rp 100 thousand per day in case.
If then your business continues to grow, You can also offer services like security guard house that is paid monthly salary. Eg If you hire the employee Rp 700 thousand, You can offer services to those with a rate of Rp 1 million, so you can get a nice profit.
D. Degree of difficulty :
relative risk (be extra careful).


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