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Inilah alasan kenapa anda harus berwirausaha

Inilah alasan kenapa anda harus berwirausaha

Some of the reasons why become entrepreneurs :
1. Financial Freedom

Being a good employee that private employees or servants have a limit on salaries / wages. Eg civil servants with the highest class there are rules of basic salaries and some allowances and amenities. Although an employee can generate billions of rupiah profit for a company, increase in salary will not be proportional to the increase in corporate profits earned. Besides salary increases sometimes can not compensate for the rising prices of the necessities of life are increasing rapidly. On the other hand, even though we have a good record if our education is not high enough then it will be difficult to get a high salary. An entrepreneur can determine the amount of financial indefinitely until. Many people working on other people just as a springboard to seek venture capital and capital relationships. Although it has been getting good facilities in the company are not uncommon with an entrepreneurial spirit out and develop their own business with experience of working capital.

2. Leisure Time

By having your own business, an entrepreneur will have hours of free work, not tied to office hours , and free of disciplinary violations kantor.Jika run business has been going well do not need every day we go to the office because it can be delegated to others. time can be shared to other business activities or other activities. Although entrepreneurship requires high discipline, but with their own business we can organize ourselves without the time arbitrarily set by others. In terms of time entrepreneur makes us independent in terms of time.

3. Achieving Goals of Life

Many people who have ideals and life expectancy gives many benefits for many people and prosper financially. Being self-employed will give other people the opportunity to develop the business as well, most do not give other people the opportunity to get a living from the business that we run by an employee.
In entrepreneurship that most need to be developed is the achievement motive, achievement of success in entrepreneurship is determined by oneself is not determined by other people . This motif should be the basic philosophy of a second enterpreneur.Hal is in a healthy spirit of competition, business is a competition to be the best. Intense competition requires the will and fierce determination,as well as the ability to race with excellence. Affiliation motive is also necessary to note because as entrepreneurs should be clever clever improve improve managerial skills able to move others with the best done by establishing relationships among good.

source : galeriukm.web.id

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