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Tips mencegah kegagalan dalam bisnis kecil

Here are tips on how do we prevent failure in small businesses. These tips do not guarantee that your efforts do not fail, but as far as possible do certain things to keep your business as long as possible.

1. Marketing sustainably
Marketing is not just one, but it must be sustained even you have to do every day. Spend time in the day for your small business marketing, without your disturbing your small business. If you have a free blog updated as much as possible with new articles, able to answer every question that often arises when you serve a customer or some sincere recognition from customers for your product or service. (Baca : Tricks to Raise Sales Blog )

Daily market continues to grow and grow. Both new and existing entrepreneurs ready to compete with your potential market. Unless you do not have competitors in your business, you can stop in your small business marketing. Marketing on an ongoing basis will ensure your efforts do not fail.
2. Writing a Marketing Plan
A marketing plan is arguably more important than the business plan, and is the key to preventing the failure of small businesses. You got a good effort, but without customers or clients who are willing and able to buy your product or service. Effective marketing brings customers to you, which means you will be able to earn money and pay all your operational costs.

Writing a marketing plan requires you to do survey bisnis and devise strategies that can help your business grow. You can also see the desire people, trend, the more hot and more. As the most popular movies, hot celebrity again, you can enter in the marketing plan or design of your new product.

3. Separate money for business with private money.
You should be able to separate money for business with your personal money. Separate business dealings also with personal affairs. Make it a rule that you must obey. When to take the business income? What percent should you take over the business profits.

If you want your business success do not ever take money for personal business, this will cause failure of your business.

4. Concentrate on one business
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, You may be the type of person who can do 50 different things to 50 different people. Because you can recognize and address the customer code. Limit the talent and ability for the business to current. Every effort should focus on only one type of business. You can maintain your small business again with this, and the business will survive and grow.

If you are ready to develop new businesses that require more power, more money, get help small business capital, and you are ready for a new business plan without disrupting old business, please you develop new business.
5. Money set aside in Marketing
Your efforts will probably fail, If you do not set aside time and money for your small business marketing. The Internet offers many free opportunities for marketing / advertising your business. Look at the many sites that offer free ad impressions, use them to your business. Or you can create a free blog to attract more people to see and buy your product.

Do not rely on free marketing / offline, because it may not be sustainable,,id,You should also reduce the cost of your marketing,,id,because you are new businesses grow,,id,Set aside money of five percent or more of gross sales to marketing your business can avoid failure,,id,Marketing plays an important in increasing sales and creating a brand for your business,,id,Working hard on your effort to avoid common mistakes that led to the failure of small businesses,,id,You can not guarantee success,,id,but you have to do all that you can do to be successful,,id. Anda harus menekan biaya pemasaran anda juga, karena usaha anda baru tumbuh. Menyisihkan uang sebesar lima persen atau lebih dari penjualan kotor untuk pemasaran dapat menghindari usaha anda dari kegagalan.
Pemasaran memegang penting dalam peningkatan penjualan dan menciptakan merek untuk usaha anda.

Bekerja keras pada usaha Anda untuk menghindari kesalahan umum yang menyebabkan kegagalan usaha kecil. Anda tidak dapat menjamin keberhasilan, tetapi Anda harus melakukan semua yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk sukses.




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