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Causes of slow internet access on computers / laptop

computer hardware / laptops nowadays, it becomes one of necessity for every human being because of the presence of such devices will work / certain activities can be done well. Given today's technology is increasingly sophisticated and growing rapidly, but even if it has been made as sophisticated as possible, there are times when exposed to a problem.

Especially when accessing the Internet, Internet today is also needed by most people because the Internet itself has lots of useful information. But sometimes when accessing the internet, loading / the process is slow, and it is of course a very disturbing and one of the problems.

In a matter of course there is cause, therefore at this time we will discuss about what are the causes of slow internet access. By knowing the cause of your internet access labatnya, of course, will be able to know how to solve the problem itself.

Basically the problem than access to the Internet is not always the provider in question, but there are also several other issues. Therefore, the following are some of the causes of slow internet access:

  1. The first is because the internet quotas and allotments of badwidth where every time you buy a package of internet of course there are details of the use of data packets for example internet and bandwidth quotas. But usually quite influential is the bandwidth in which the speed of Internet access itself. In general, in a written provider up to how mbps, for example up to 2,3 mbps internet speed means the maximum 2,3 mbps and minimal 0 mbps so if the velocity is lower course also slow internet access.
  2. Then also if using wifi which is often a child - a child to college using the wifi to access the Internet to be more frugal, but sometimes slow internet access that means the distance so influential that if closer to the center of the wifi access will be smoothly while if the further course the slower.
  3. Then the browser addons are also a cause that is very disturbing, so when accessing the internet browser ddons often arise that make Internet access slow.
  4. Besides memory on peangkat is also one thing that is quite influential, if the device's memory is full, then fast internet access can be slow and vice versa.




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