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Definition of success set by successful entrepreneurs

Definition of success set by successful entrepreneurs

Definition of success according to Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is: succeed, fortunate.

According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, success was defined as an honor or prestige associated with the achievement of a person in a position of social status.

Kumpulan Arti Sukses Menurut Pengusaha Sukses

Here is a collection of success means according to entrepreneurs who are successful in their respective fields.

  1. “Success means I'm free to help others achieve their success, not put succeed himself”- Chris Brogan
  2. “Success is a moving target. I do not think we ever achieve it, at least in our own minds. But I know this, if you think you have achieved your biggest success, You obviously will decide to stop motivate yourself” – Mike Michałowicza
  3. “Success means happiness” – Ben Casnocha
  4. “Success is the ability to do what you love every day. This may sound simple but what you love changes from time to time and have the ability to change what you do to customize with your passion is a true success. This has nothing to do with money, wealth or status in which each person has different desires and love” – David Hauser
  5. “Success means not knowing what day of the week” – Scott Ginsberg
  6. “Success is an attitude and a state of mind where I feel the excitement of knowing that I made a difference for many people, it is doing what I love, and get a lot of money in the process so I get to experience many extraordinary world. The most important part of success is knowing that I have made a difference for others” – Nancy Fox
  7. “Success is helping others develop into leaders who can change the world” – Michael Roberto
  8. “Success means caring about the personal and professional development of others than your own” – GL Hoffman
  9. “Success, for me, not measured by metrics such as cash shallow. Otherwise, I believe that success is measured by the positive impact you have on other people's lives. For example, what people mean creating internet or team behind Google and Apple, conducting technological revolution and simultaneously touch the soul. That is how I define success “-Mo Al Adham
  10. “Success is able to support my family for something I love doing.” – Barry Moltz
  11. “For me, success means working towards my dream. As long as I keep moving in the right direction I feel successful ” – Newman How
  12. “Success to me means creating and maintaining a balance in my life. It's important to work hard and achieve your goals, but also do not leave self-interest – Sports, eat well, spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. A balanced mind is the brightest minds “- Monique Peltz
  13. “Victory in battle. I measure our success by recognizing the continued victory in battle. Do we get the press? Do we make sales?What marketing works? Do we thrive? “- Jonathan Davis
  14. “Success delegate and pay someone else to do all the things that I've done alone during 10 years so I can enjoy the creative side, family and my business life again! Success is moving away from $ 20 per hour job and focus on the job $ 250 per jam! “- Mary Murphy
  15. “Dollars and cents provide operating capital but does not equal success. Success is best defined by the passion and dedication of organization that you run, can not be purchased or acquired “- Carlos Gil
  16. “Have other respected individuals in business and public perceives you to ask for guidance in order to be successful. In my eyes, respect is the 'success'. “Stone-Reid
  17. “Success is making a difference to people while doing what we cintai.Bagi me, it involves working with great colleagues and customers while creating new business opportunities “- Yamin Arvig
  18. “Success means achieving goals defined yourself. Once you feel that you have reached them, You have successfully. “- Ben Lang
  19. “Success to me means how to live and where I want to, and do what I love.”- Cody McKibben
  20. “Success is more than just numbers in my bank account, but also measured with a smile on the faces of my clients " – Angela McKeller
  21. “As business owners 26 years I measure success by the success of my clients saya.Jika clients can have a choice and enjoy a happier life after work with my, then I see myself as a success. Productive promotion, improve relations, earn respect, and have a new attitude towards life in all measures of success for me and my clients” – Found Harris, MBA
  22. “Success is knowing me in line with my personal integrity do not care about the outside appearance.”-Jennifer Davidson
  23. “If you measure the success of externally you will always be disappointed. There will always be people in front of you and behind you. As a result,, This success must come from your subconscious. So, if you sleep soundly at night, You successfully. “- Jeffrey Taylor
  24. “My true success will be measured ten to twenty years from now … I know that I made when I paid the bill and my kids still want to go home to visit my. That means I actually managed to balance work / life. “- Nadine Owens Burton
  25. “Success means that the contents of the feeling with my level of inner peace.” – Jeff Coombs
  26. “Success is the ability to see every second of my life in a given and know if want to end this day I will truly and completely satisfied with what I have achieved up to that point. To be successful, You do not have to believe in regret, but to learn from past experiences and uses them to become stronger. I consider my business a success after getting my first client 5 years ago. “- Tyler Barnett
  27. “I measure my success by the amount of time I can spend with my family, without having to worry about when the next commission check will arrive.”- Candice “Candy”
  28. “Success is in the eye of the beholder. What one person considers success may be a total failure to others. Success is defined by one's expectations. “- Jason Zasky
  29. “Success means I'm always there with my family when they needed me. Everything else is secondary. “- Dave Crenchshaw
  30. “I measure success with my ability to help people. The more people who can I help, I consider myself also becoming increasingly successful " – Heather Logrippo
  31. “I have learned to not measure a man by their success in life, but he who has overcome obstacles while trying to succeed " – Booker T. Washington
  32. “Success to me means 3 it: 1) Spending of quality time with my baby 2) Able to work anywhere (beach, mountain, kantor, my bedroom 3) Have the freedom to just take things that I feel inspired to work”- Amber O’Neal
  33. “We measure success not only by what our company completed the, but also by the business growth of our clients – ranging from increased awareness about their brand for the expansion of their product or service.” – Connie Wong
  34. “You can not copy a successful. You must make your own definition of success, then life, breath and work towards the right places ” – Cristian Dorobantescu
  35. “Success means knowing I'm making money at least as much that I made when I last worked for others.”- Shane Fischer
  36. “Am I happy? If yes, then it is a success for me. “- Andy Hayes
  37. “Success for me is to live with authenticity, spirit and sense of wonder. This means committed to only that which lit my fire, feed my soul and challenged me to be the best. Success to me means living my truth, share my gift and I make a unique contribution to the world ” – Linda Joy
  38. “Success means finally woke up with not one thing to complain!” – T. Stalls Wolfe
  39. “Success is growing. It is knowing that you are doing what you want to do at that point, and become comfortable with the fact that what you want will change with time. Success is having the mental freedom to go with the flow. ” – Mark Wadden
  40. “Success is a feeling of satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from the realization of the goals I want to achieve.”- Frank Spillers
  41. “My measure of success is knowing that I was involved, challenging and evolving, and I know I have the feeling of pleasure and peace in my inner path.” – Jennifer Brown
  42. “Success is to identify a dream or goal, taking leaps to get there and achieve " – Lisa L. Spahr
  43. “Success for me is to find a balance of wealth, freedom and opportunity so that day-to-day running smoothly and I can focus on the larger strategy and growth of the company.”- Timothy Fox
  44. “For me and my brand, success means trust and demand. I aim for each project, every message and every interaction should be seen as legitimate and honest, and to bring a certain level of expertise. An image that is believed organically transformed into demand as clients begin to understand that your company is one that understands the market, which has the mastery to help them with their own problems, and therefore could cause the client to his own level of success “- Lauren Perkins
  45. Success is being able to say,, “I love what I do.” – Brett Farmiloe

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