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Tips memulai usaha di bidang tour & travel

Tips memulai usaha di bidang tour & travel

Travel n Tour start businesses now have started mushrooming everywhere
but many are frustrated because of the lack of commitment promises offered
at the beginning.

Start with Capital 5JT

Tips to Start:
How to choose and consider:
Quote:1.select the agent who sells Login Airlines that already have facilities :
-Login Semua Airlines
-Includes Deposit transaction with minimal 1 million
-Login Issued (so it can print its own without having to call / ym CS)
-Data Recap Sales (the point is that if we later become larger and have a business license
we must melamirkan sales data which we become subagent with the stamp of the agency that we follow)
-Price 2 million-3 million are still relevant but above it is better not.

2.Start small, do not start with the founding of a great thing. Why??
-Airlines Ticket only gets a commission 2-5% + incentive (for official agents)
-Spending must also be taken into account.
Example : from 300M turnover profit that we can enter only 10-15juta with the highest estimate
Ticket price of 1 million profit 50.000
so 50,000×300 = 15.000.000
so if we start small profit that we can be great
if we start with the great, how long we had a turnover??

3.simply 1 people (your own or pay employee)
4.The world wide tour n travel, not just the airlines ticket, but there Hotel, Tour domestik & international
What is needed:
Quote:1.Room 3×2 Meter / Living Your Home
2.1 Computers fruit set (PC,Printer Warna,Scanner)
3.Phone (Flexy, No beautiful with minimal twins 3 behind)
4.Internet (Modem minimal smartfren / more stable enough speedy 512kb)
5.Make maximum width banner 2 meters that are not taxable businesses

Quote:1.Never wear black glass door, try to clear and can be seen from the outside.
Even better when the Rolling door because the office you will feel Open Office, all people can come.

2.Do not cling sticker on the glass door of the airlines you, Just because the use of X banner will block the view from outside.

now travel anda sudah berjalan, develop and see prospects. whether it can grow or stagnate in the middle of the road.
see the development of the travel is 6 months. when already 6 In developing start glancing to take care of their business licenses.
then you have to pay a minimum of ticketing experience 1 year, so you can freely develop this business.
because after this you should have no grasp of ticketing.. tetapi menjadi sales marketing n relationship.

Your Travel has been running now:
Quote:1. develop relationships among travel agents, select who can help you in the field of Hotel n Tour
2. Make sure you can make payment minimal recoil 1 pertanggal weeks transaction
3. If you never went to the Foreign country it is time you go, the backpacker way because that way you can
tempat2 know tourism will be your international Tour Selling Products.
4. Or if you are afraid to shell out a lot by going out the country, you have to pay a minimal Tour Planer has
experience 2 Year.

TS intention is only to assist the new enterpreuner,TS has crossed the globe in several travel agents, Great start to the new start and could be great. And now TS has been able to establish itself in accordance dreams Travel Agents



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