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Tips to start a business selling cakes

Tips to start a business selling cakes

Rows of wet cake like a prima donna pretty often appear in the tables banquet or special events such as : weddings, circumcision, thanksgiving pilgrimage , birthdays etc.. Cakes have distinctive flavors, probably because it's unique and familiar in our tongue. Alloys that fits between the savory taste of the sweetness of the coconut milk with sugar, as well as the scent of pandan leaves / suji unique , makes us keen to taste, moreover plus the way of presentation and appetizing appearance.
For those who want to start a business, This wet cake business can be one of the efforts that need to be in error because the current Business Opportunities Selling Cakes began to explore the world of business, using simple ingredients, cost is also relatively inexpensive and easy to get kue2 we can make a variety of beautiful and tempting tastes, such as (mud cake, klepon, appreciate,serabu, egg rolls, apem or layer cake savory and sweet )we can make from a variety of rice flour and also umbi2an
For maximum results and reduce the risk of failure in the manufacture of wet cake, make sure you master resep2 cake that you create with a detailed recipe, standard exact size and how to make a clear, Making the wet cake is also relying on the feeling and the habits of the experts of the cake makers.

Business marketing can be done by placing the name of the business, address and business contacts in wrapping paper and boxes of cookies. at the beginning of the promotion you can distribute flyers and holding a pricing program


For your marketing system to market themselves, but it is also a lot of places that you can invite to cooperate with the consignment system (entrusted selling) eg cake stall in the market, cake Shop, food stalls, outlets in the crowded center , cafe or home makan.anda could also try working with catering managers to supply wet cake on special occasions or parties, or receive orders ready inter.

Target Consumers
Wet cake very broad market especially mothers who often organize events gathering , recitals or other gatherings that require diverse treats.
Business potential wet cake is big enough, especially if we are able to make kue2 according to the tastes of most consumers.
Maximum durability wet cake just to survive 1 day. To identify the type and number of cakes produced every day.
Key to Success
Always use quality materials and whenever possible use natural dyes, if forced to use a dye, use food coloring quality and reliable and use the appropriate dose, so that we remain assured quality cakes. in the manufacture of processed products cake try to always create variations that consumers avoid boredom. For example dumplings can be made large or small versions of tok cake that is usually shaped like a turtle, we try other forms such as various kinds of fruit.
Business Analysis
The life span of a simple storefront 5 year
The life of cookware (dandang, oven, Loyang, pan, and a gas stove) 3 year
Investment costs
Simple storefront : Rp 1.000.000
Cooking utensils : Rp 3.000.000
Total Investment : Rp 4.000.000
Operating costs per BulanBiaya TetapPenyusutan storefront 1/60 x Rp 1.000.000 : Rp 16.700
Shrinkage cookware 1/36 x Rp 3.000.000 : Rp 83.000
Wages of employees : Rp 500.000
Total fixed costs : Rp 599.700
Variable costs
Purchase of materials per 15 day
@Rp 300.000/ produk x 6 produk x 2 once a month : Rp 3.600.000
Purchase of gas @ USD 17.000 x 6 times in one month : Rp 102.000
Total variable costs : Rp 3.702.000
The total cost of operating variables : Rp 4.301.700
Admission per Month
Sales 6 type of cake
(6 x 50 Fruit / day x Rp 1,000 / fruit x 30 day) : Rp 9.000.000
Profit per Month
Profit = Total revenue - total operating costs
= Rp 9.000.000 – Rp 4.301.700
= Rp 4.698.300
BEP (Break Event Point)
BEP = (Total investment cost : profit ) x 1 months
= (Rp 4.000.000 : Rp 4.301.700) x 1 months
= < 1 months
Congratulations to Sell Enterprises business luck Cakes.
How to Calculate Sales Price Cakes
Can make good cake? Already reaping praise from family, Sodara and neighbors? In that case, let's try selling cakes! Even if only to make a good cake, remains PeDe for sale donk! Roti Boy aja tuh PeDe had only one kind of bread in the stores, hehehe. So ndak need to wait to master dozens of recipes cake-delicious-steady just to sell. Can only make one kind of cake aja? yes ndak pa-pa. Fix keeps the recipe until it could be the most delicious cakes among the most delicious cake similar.
If you want sales, surely we should be able to set the selling price. Here I share a simple way of determining the selling price of the cake will we market. Because it is still scale the basket cake home, in this calculation is made simple aja, ndak use compute depreciation and other costs. Hopefully useful and please share if no information is missed I write.

I set a price

Surely, if selling ndak certainly want to lose the? Easy it is to calculate the amount of materials used to make the cake plus the estimated use of gas / electricity and packingnya. Having earned their cost of production, The new set percentage or desirable benefits. Ohya previously seen first anniversary of the prescription how many? From there we can set the price per unit of cake.
Examples of the sale price Pennylane cake Brownies, please see the recipe, no sugar, wheat, oil, dst:
Because sugar is typically sold kilogram then it calculated 360gr / 1000gr times the price of a kilo of sugar = (360/1000) x Rp10000 = USD 3600
Oil is sold per liter, stay for 225/1000 x price per liter of oil
Eggs 4 grain how to count? See it in one kg of medium sized eggs can usually how grains? Say one kg medium-size eggs there are about 14 grain worth USD 15.000. So the price of one egg = USD 15.000 be divided 14 = Rp 1072
Forward count to finish the recipe it will get the total cost of materials.
One recipe can be Pennylane Brownies 2 pan size 30 × 10, means must buy a box the size of 30 × 10. Enter the fee again.
How to calculate the cost of gas? Must be calculated usage for a month anyway. But if I do not want complicated because, just take the example calculations are often used by manufacturers of stoves in comparing their stove keiritan. One example I saw an ad stove ... eeh, forgot brand. But the stove without fire so, Halogen what times so ya? Well there is written comparison, cook one hour with a gas stove was equivalent to approximately USD 1600 rupiah (emph it gas when the price is still 65ribuan yes, hahaha). Now the price of gas has gone up again, so that removal estimates taken one hour was about to spend Rp 2000.
It was to be the total cost of production, The new set how much profit we want. Fifty percent? or one hundred percent? Go ahead, you know ... The pastries are home-made usually have a weakness in the calculation of the cost of materials, because we do not buy materials in large quantities, the price per unit of finished material is more expensive. But yes ndak pa-pa, indeed this was the case. But we can give value-added eg: cakes that I make I assure preservative free and does not use emulsifiers to developers eggs. I only use fresh eggs, granulated sugar, wheat, butter, margarine and vegetable oils. No other additives, except for the addition of baking powder in some recipes.
Later when I started many orders, we can already begin to anticipate the purchase of materials in greater numbers, so as to improve profit.

cake business opportunities

This effort is in Jl. Poncosiwalan 4 RT1 / RW2 Ngunut babadan Ponorogo. Initiated by Mrs. Hawin Khuriyati with her husband Mr. Musthofa Ali. The products produced in the form of dry food such as squid, Snow Princess, steak keju, choco chips, Kastengel, dry comb, assorted nastar,etc.. In addition to the dry food business also produces various types of cakes such as pandan cake chifon, chifon cake zebra, donuts snow, given months, Panada, pastel, banana cake, croquette, etc.. No less interesting and the business is also able to make a variety of tarts (wedding cake delivery) seperti black forest, cake keju, etc.. As well as a wide variety of birthday cake. This effort has also received a variety of snacks and catering orders.
This effort stands on the wishes of the owner of the business in the field of food. At the beginning of this effort is only a small home-based businesses dropped off at kiosks. However, because of the risk borne too great due to the cake that will not sell, he made the decision to sell the cake processed to the person who ordered it alone.
First business was founded, Hawin mother does not have any expertise in the field of baking. But due to a huge desire to make the effort, he learned self-taught in making cakes. Learning from various cookbooks that his brain-tweaking, and learn from different experiences in the country region.
The tools used in the manufacture of a variety of cakes is partly he brought back from Saudi Arabia where he used to work. Like two big ovens, mixer dan blender. While other tools that he bought piecemeal.
The beginning of the venture capital is not too big, because initially this is just a small business venture. And to the gains, Mother Hawin not membukukannya. But we can see development from time to time.
In addition to its well-known name everywhere, This effort is advancing with the opening of a store next to his house. The shop is not only used to sell a variety of ingredients to make a cake, This store is also a promotional tool bake sale Mother Hawin processed sekaligaus sell cake processed products.

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