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Cara Mengurus Klaim Asuransi Mobil Kecelakaan

Jika mobil anda mengalami kerusakan karena kecelakaan, but you are lucky enough to already insuring your car, This advice will help you to claim your damages.

How to Care of Car Insurance Claims (Accident)
1. Post factum, immediately report to the nearest insurance officer, your insurance hotline or workshops that can accept your insurance claim.
2. You will be asked to make a report of events that normally surrounds the location and time of occurrence, carrier vehicle at the time of the incident, chronology and depiction of events.
3. Insurance clerk will check the damage to your vehicle based on your incident report.
4. If there is no problem, wait a few days until the SPK (Work Order) down.
5. After SPK down, you can directly enter your car into the garage.
6. Some insurers charge a fee for claims (charge your own risk), so do not forget to bring enough money.

Hopefully your car back smoothly like new!

Notes: If the damage to the car exceeds a certain limit, usually the insurance company will reimburse the money according to the amount of coverage or with new car.




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