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Cara membuat proporsal bisnis dengan baik

Cara membuat proporsal bisnis dengan baik

Examples of business proposals | In building a home business whether it's business, sideline and small and medium enterprise you certainly need a good capital for start-up capital and development capital business. Nobody can deny that the capital is a supporting factor although not the most important, but capital could be a force that is able to boost your business in order to further develop.

When you want to get your capital but is constrained by the rules of your bank or credit afraid to borrow from banks or other lending so one way you can do and proved to be successful is to establish cooperation with investors. However, in establishing such cooperation, then you need to prepare a business proposal to seek capital by way of investment.

However, The most common obstacle is ignorance of how to make a proposal that is good and true, This constraint is not only happens to those who are less fortunate in getting higher education but they notebene have gained experience in school admitted it is difficult to make a business proposal. For that article How to Make a Business Proposal The Good And Right I will peel completely on how to write a business proposal in accordance with the rules – rule.

The following elements – elements in proposal usaha

1. Chapter Introduction
Introductory chapter is an introductory chapter in which you elaborate on the background of your business, vision and mission of your business, and a description of the business you want to run as well as how the current market situation.

2. Profile Enterprises
  • Type of business
tentan describe what kind usapa want to run briefly. You can menjalaskannya the form of a list or brief description. Then briefly mentioned business model.
  • Company name
The company name is branded to be remembered by your customers. Then specify the name of your company and write the business proposals.
  • Locations
One very important thing in business is the choice of location especially if you sell directly, the site selection is the absolute thing you should consider, write down your company's location, then create a map or floor plan. You can use google maps which is now very easy for us in membaut site plan.

3. Organizational structure of the company

Each company has its own organizational structure – respectively, if you stand alone or you set up a system that makes your company run by a system of cooperation between the owner and employees, If your company has a managerial system organization then mentioned ranging from business owners, manager or manager, marketing, HRD etc..

4. Products Company

  • Types of products
Product is the lifeblood of business, If you do not have a product that you are selling then you obviously can not run a business. For that specify what types of products you production.
  • Manufacture of products
Manufacture of products is how to manufacture your product
  • Product excellence
Try to mention the uniqueness of your product, product benefits to the value of your product plus.

5. Target Pasar
In addition, you must mention that you are ready to target your market. Residents in areas where and at what age, and among which. Suppose is a city area X, for the age of children from the middle to lower.

6. Promotion and Marketing

At this chapter you explain about the marketing strategies that you do as well as promotion. You can read the article about marketing and promotion strategy here.

7. Financial statements
  • Allocation of funds
Is the design needs of funds and expenditure of funds that you will use for your business.
  • Calculation of profits
Create a calculation in a logical and realistic about your finances, target laba rugi, threat risk, etc..
  • Calculation for results
After all the above elements is completed, then you live determines how revenue sharing ratio would you define. how to determine the ratio of the result depends on the business risk, the smaller the risk, the smaller the business, the income paid to investors and vice versa.

8. Cover

Cover contains your last words to convince your investors, knock your heart to be more interested investors as well as prayer and hope you for your proposal. Do not forget to thank you for your willingness to read the proposal.

9. Attachment

  • Biodata business owners
  • Agreement
  • Business License
  • Business coaching certificate atatu
Element – the above elements are constituents that are usually used to make a business proposal that is good and right.
Moreover, make your proposal with reference
1. Font size 12 pt
2. Spacing 1,5
3. Kertas A4
4. Cover mika
I think so that I can convey in the article How to Make a Proposal for a Good And Right may be useful thanks.




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