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Tips memulai bisnis event organizer

Event organizer is a service organization of activities and an attempt was made to facilitate the plan meyelenggarakan an event. An EO should also dare to propose a new, creative ideas and different. If it can be accepted by the client as well as success, The EO would likely also be trusted to hold subsequent events and even events of other new clients.

EO challenge them is how to be able to formulate the concept of the event and break down into technical activities appropriate to achieve the objectives expected by the client. One of the most important phases precisely when they wanted to determine the theme of which will be appointed for an event. Major themes that would later be broken down into smaller agendas are interrelated and support. When the big theme is quite interesting.

The more successful an event created will increasingly trusted by the client to handle a variety of other events. If you already have some event portfolio, EO can participate pitching for some projects which are usually organized by government agencies or private companies.

So what conditions are necessary for the success of a event organizer until it reaches a stage has branding image famous? Here are the conditions that must be possessed an event organizer

1. Markets or Market Business Set Up Intended

As EO beginner or would start should decide where EO will be taken, to a specialist or to the public, but the beginner is better to first specialties such as music concerts, Automotive, expo or exhibition, wedding ceremony, or seminars and various activities of the company or organization (launching, munas, Conggress etc.). And as the company grows, EO could develop into a wider market.

2. Creative and Innovative ideas

EO business is a business of communication and entertainment businesses, and interest satisfaction is very important to note. When there is no bright ideas and creativity, ready to bite the fingers. Do not be afraid to make a crazy innovative idea but could be accepted by society. As much as possible, avoid the monotony of ideas offers. Try to come up with the idea of ​​the theme of the show interesting and different.

3. Need to Have Database

In managing the business EO, database has a very important role. Baik itu database sponsor, media, lembaga pemerintah, strategic partners, and the client database itself. This database will be very helpful, especially when we get the project should be prepared in a matter of days. This could happen in the world of EO. Because of busy clients, they often give a sudden order, and inevitably EO should be able to give the best service in a fairly tight deadlines. In practice, This business does require a high level of agility and an extensive network.

EO also need to work with the parties to hire out all the equipment that is usually required in an event such as a sound system, LCD projectors and so on. Relationship with the printing company or advertising must also be built to get the supply of promotional materials at competitive rates. We should not just rely on one piece of printing only. Would be safer if the EO has several printing suppliers so they can compare the prices and divides orders if pursued by a tight deadline.

4. Bentuk Teamwork Yang Solid

Elements that determine also whether or not advanced EO, a few select people who have the ability in the field of each, not too much or obese teamworknya, a little but had the managerial capability in advancing EO, but it would be plus or we adjust the conditions situasu, for example there is an event and require additional staff we are looking for additional staff reply part time nature, so we streamline the budget.

5. Ability to Sell

The ability to sell an event is also important for an EO. In addition to hook potential sponsors, also to be able to reach the target audience targeted. The candidates are potential sponsors usually would not hesitate to fund if they see any value over events that we hold. It is not impossible, a sponsor will be booking a variety of events that we will hold them as a vehicle for promotion. Whether it's as a sponsor remain or even become the sole sponsor to fund the entire cost of the event that we need. Sekali lagi, it is very dependent on our ability to sell the concept and convince them that the events that we hold very worth it for their company.

6. Think Details

Another challenge is how the EO is able to see things that are very detailed in an event. Starting from the technical event until supplies are often kind kinds. EO needs to make a run down the event that contains the technical events and all the things needed for the event. Dalam run down tersebut, will be known scenario of events from second to second following all the equipment necessary. An EO needs to ensure availability of all equipment required before the event starts. Not only that, The whole equipment must be tested in advance so that it can function optimally.

In terms of the layout of the stage or back drop, a need to consider the height of the room EO. This is related to the size and design of the backdrop to appear more eye catching. If needed, a mini garden can be made, and enhanced with technology light variations that can beautify the appearance of the stage. If you do not want to bother, in fact all the manufacturing stage or backdrop services can be submitted to the other party professional, of course with compensation or fee agreed.

7. Division Job Description YThe Jelas

It is also very important for the progress of every event went well and the results we expect in accordance with the agreed concept. So there is an event already ahead of us for the job description each and must report their progress at each meeting. This is to determine the level of readiness of each event, because the success or failure of an event is very dependent on the readiness, coordination and cooperation between teamwork.

8. Create a Schedule or Schedule of Events for One Year Moving forward

Because EO already towards the professional schedule of activities should be available for the next year because this is the main factor to get the result or profit. That people are not bored container and create a different activity each month.

9. Event Organizer venture capital sufficient

For businesses EO, need to prepare financial capital primarily to fulfill necessities such EO, Take care of business legality (CV or PT), renting office, procurement of office equipment.

10. Follow Container Organization

Because of the presence of a container organization / association of EO greatly assist the development of the company. EO can share experiences and exchange experiences and help each other be it information or in any other form.

Sekali lagi, which is important in this business is creativity. EO is basically selling creativity. Things that smell of creativity is what can be valuable. For that a satisfied client will pay dearly.

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