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Types of goods & commodities that are prohibited by the government

whether the type of goods & commodities are prohibited to be exported ?
• Jenis hasil Perikanan dalam keadaan hidup : Anak ikan Arwana, Ikan Arwana, benih ikan sidat dibawah ukuran 5 mm, Ikan hias air tawar jenis boti macracanthus ukuran 15 cm ke atas, udang galah (udang air tawar) dibawah ukuran 8 cm, udang penaedae (the parent and the prospective parent)
• Rubber block
• Material remailing and smokehouse form : Smoked lower quality IV, blanked Doff, Cutting C, Remilled 4, Flat barkCrepe.
• Rawhide, pickled and wet blue from reptiles / reptiles (except crocodile skin in the form of wet blue)
• Waste of ferrous scrap, remelting ingots of iron or steel (except that coming from the area of ​​Batam Island) : Waste and scrap of other alloy steel, Waste and scrap of iron or tin coated steel, Waste and scrap of other steel shaped gram, shavings and others
• Wild animals and plants protected natural and or included in Appendix I and III of CITES, alive, die, bagian-
part thereof, the proceeds thereof or in the form of goods made thereof.
• Items valued ancient culture.

The goods subject to export control

• Pet bovine, life (cows, cow instead of seeds, buffalo)
• Fish alive (child fish Napoleon Wrasse, ikan Napoleon Wrasse, NENERT)
• Core palm
• Oil and gas
• Urea
• Crocodile Skin in the form of Wet Blue
• Wild animals and natural vegetation that is not protected under CITES II Appedix
• Silver unwrought or in semi-finished form or in powder form, not wrought, half-finished.
• Gold is not wrought or in powder form
• Lombah dan Skrap Fero, remelting scrap ingots of iron or steel (Special originating from the island of Batam)
• Waste and scrap of stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

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