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Tips memilih rekan & partner bisnis yang tepat

Tips memilih rekan & partner bisnis yang tepat

Starting a business with a friend forever not always successful, malah jika terjadi masalah justru bisa memecah hubungan pertemanan yang dibangun lebih lama dari bisnis tersebut.

Sebuah pepatah popular ”punya teman dari bisnis lebih baik dibanding punya bisnis bersama teman”. Business Partners can help your business could also complicate the business to thrive.

Well, because your business need a partner then it should be considered, even if the invited partner is a friend of your own.

#Had the same vision. Both you and your partner should have the same vision for business to flourish with ease. Vision can be your prospective partner know when doing internal chatter, intense approach and during the discussion.

#Create a written commitment. Having a unified vision with your partner then make a commitment to shared business and frozen in written form. The written agreement is to bind you and a partner and as a proof keseriuasn. The new agreement should also be written division result.

#Share jobdesk. You and a partner must know and have each task in the development of business. This task should have been divided since the business started early so that later no riot. Only after the business running tasks can be modified, combined or tailored to the state of the field.

#Default. Amid a business trip you may be disputes, or cooperation can just stop in the middle path. Then think of the division of assets already invested and insured losses. This is discussed from the beginning to open if it could be included as well in the written commitment.


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