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10 produk utama ekspor dari indonesia

10 produk utama ekspor dari indonesia

Currently there 10 Indonesia's main export commodities, namely

  1. Textiles and textile products (TPT),
  2. Electronic,
  3. Rubber and rubber products,
  4. Oil and oil products,
  5. Forest products,
  6. Footwear,
  7. automotive,
  8. Shrimp,
  9. Cocoa,
  10. Coffee

Besides there 10 featured product above, today there 122 product innovation potential of exports from Indonesia has to fulfill four criteria are referred to as product innovation. The criteria is that the ;

1.The findings of pure,
2.Human resources and materials must exist in Indonesia,
3.Have the potential market and value-added.

“Variety of innovation is already unacceptable because entrepreneurs have to include an assessment originality, imitated facilities, acceptance by consumers, added value for users, development potential, scability, investment risk and business risk,” Besides ituIndonesia also have 212 Another product innovation SMEs (units of small and medium enterprises) superior.

All of these products had passed the selection of 22 HS (harmonized system) recorded

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