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Kiat & cara menekuni bisnis di bidang ekspor

Kiat & cara menekuni bisnis di bidang ekspor

  • Learn the various issues related to export procedures
  • Establish a good relationship with colleagues and agencies
  • Pay attention to the opportunities that are still open
  • Product quality up to export standards
  • Promotion through fairs or create a complete and attractive brochure
  • Follow trade policies in each country
  • Keep continuity of production
  • For food products, should be prioritized to countries frequented by Indonesia, as a test market.

Chance of Products Export

  • Craft items (wood, rattan, bamboo, recycling etc.)
  • Mebel
  • Garments
  • Tropical fruit
  • Food
  • Canned drink
  • Vegetable (paprika, cucumber, tomatoes, dll)
  • Fishery products (fish, shrimp etc.)

As for the small entrepreneurs who are just starting exports, advised to collaborate with local exporters who possessed similar products. For example, businessman apparel, in order to use the services exporters of apparel before they are ready to export their own.




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