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Cara mengurus bpkb yang hilang atau rusak

This article is part of a series of previous article entitled How to Manage the SIM, KTP, Missing ATM.

If you are lost or damaged BPKB, need not confused how to take care to make new BPKB lost or damaged. Here's how to make the process of handling missing BPKB, ie :

1. Complete the Application Form BPKB in Samsat.

2. A letter from the police report of loss and is not included in the list of search items.

3. Minutes short of Criminal.

4. Letter of Acceptance Reports / Police Report.

5. Identity :
a) For individuals : A valid identity + one copy of, for those unable to attach a power of attorney stamped.
b) For Legal Entities : A copy of the Articles of Association + one copy of, Domicile, Power of Attorney stamped and signed by the head and stamped legal entity concerned.
c) For Government Agencies : Certificate of Ownership BPKB Agencies signed by the Chairman and stamped / cap Agencies.

6. Statement of BPKB missing the season with the stamp and signed owners.

7. Proof of loss BPKB news on 2 (two) different print media (attach receipts and clipping ads).

8. Statement from the Bank that the reg is not in the status of Bank Guarantee / Collateral, if in the region there are no more than 2 (two) Bank.

9. Original and photocopy of vehicle registration and vehicle registration Notice (Note / receipt / Reports) Applicable taxes.

10. Photocopying BPKB old (Minimal know the number).

11. Photocopy of Certificate / License / SITU company if a motor vehicle on behalf of the company.

12. Legalized physical checks and check mark vehicles.

Handling process for the replacement of damaged BPKB, please fill out the following matters :

1. Complete the Application Form BPKB in Samsat.

2. Photocopy of ID card owners.

3. Statement of the season with broken BPKB stamp duty and signed owners.

4. Evidence damaged BPKB.

5. Original and photocopy of the vehicle registration vehicle registration.

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