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Hal hal yang harus diperhatikan sebelum promosi

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Hal hal yang harus diperhatikan sebelum promosi

A few days ago I shared with my friend who opened a cafe devoted to typing and printing. He asked me, Mas..saya has scored quite a lot of flyers and tell people to pass it but why the results have not been up?And I have also been practicing writing sampeyan inhttp://vkristiawan.blogspot.com/2011/06/jangan-buang-uang-anda-percuma-dengan.html but why not hit too?What's so wrong yes?This pertanyaan2 I've ever experienced and probably ever experienced rekan2 also in promotion or an attempt to increase sales of a product or service.

Previously may need to know the meaning of the word "Sale" which is a marketer in the business of informing and influencing people or other parties that are interested in doing a transaction or exchange of goods or services that it markets. While brief promotional purposes is increasing cashflow companies. Therefore, for sale that can be done effectively and efficiently then there are five things to consider before making this work is

  1. WHO

Who here means what exactly is the target market for the products / services that we tawarkan.Pemahaman or the determination of who the target market of the products / services that the target is important because it concerns the needs of each target market can be different. In the case of my friend's business that is devoted to the cafe who receive services here typing and printing documents can be identified that as long as users of services / products are mostly students and employees. A student needs for services / products to be used is certainly different from an employee. Most students would be more oriented price /Price oriented (choose the cheaper prices of services) of an employee. Employees with a higher income level than the students tend to prefer the quality of the printout, comfort and speed. By knowing the needs of each target market that will have an impact on the selection of the target kata2, image and bid forms provided.

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  1. WHERE

After knowing specifically who the real target market for the product / service that we have so we can find out where (where) the majority of the target market usually are / berkumpul.Hal this we need to know where promotions are made more precise targets or directly on the intended target market. My friend's cafe business is done is to target students distributed flyers on campus (library, canteen) and bookstores. As for employees distributed in offices, minimarket and put up banners in the street (roads that much / often traversed when employees commute)

  1. WHAT

What means what can be provided by the product / service being offered so that a solution to the needs of the target market dituju.Semakin offered the same solution to the needs of the intended target market will be many who make a purchase / transaksi.Misalnya in the cafe business, to target students are given pieces / discount fees on certain waktu2 (morning and afternoon), printing in large quantities and efficiency of the ink used. As for the employees given the quality of the ink and paper are good, is provided free drinks, the ease of transmission of files and services between printouts.

  1. WHY

Why here concerning why the target / target market choose to buy from us instead of competitors?What added value can be provided by products / services, so that people have to buy / use in our place. For example, services provided by a full-time employee with a family atmosphere / familiar, comfortable place and there is no guarantee replacement (do not have to pay if the job is not good / damaged).

  1. HOW

How here regarding how we are able to inform all the advantages possessed by the products / services offered to the target market dituju.Misalnya by regularly spreading leaflets, put up a billboard / neon box, banner, advertising via the Internet, etc..

By being able to mengidentikasi five major things like the above it will allow us to do any promotional activities run effectively and efficiently. Welcome to act….and continue to do promotional creative kegiatan2…

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