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Tips menjalankan bisnis rental mobil

Tips menjalankan bisnis rental mobil
For those of you who have a lot of cars in the car rental business house then this is one of the promising business opportunities for your business, Good business is a sideline or full time, enough to capitalize one or two cars you can get a hefty profit to be enough to add the contents in the bag anda.bahakan can do this business without capital or free
Cara Paling Sukses Usaha Rental Mobil Tanpa Modal
The Most Successful Car Rental Business Without Capital
This is the way it should be noticed for success in the car rental business:

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  1. Choose a place or a strategic location
  2. Understand consumer tastes, tenants usually prefer a car with a car loaded with many
  3. Choose a car that small operational costs, the price of spare parts is relatively cheap and cost
  4. low maintenance. This will save you operating costs
  5. Take advantage of insurance services to protect your car from various risks
  6. Administrative management clear and complete, so that the personal data of consumers can be seen and 7. tracked in case something unexpected
  7. In cooperation with the garage or mechanic subscription, for repair or maintenance of your car. In order to obtain a cheaper price
  8. Optimizing promotion through brochures, classified ad, via online, and banners
  9. If the services of a driver, choose a good driver ( not reckless - oats ) and have knowledge of the road and the engine. In addition to your car will be maintained, consumers will be comfortable and happy
  10. If your business has grown, then increase the stock of your car. You can find additional capital to add to a car or just invite your friends who have a car to work
  11. Look for the consumers of the company or agency, that can be used as a regular customer who always use the services of your car rental.


  • Mental prepare you to dare to do business and risk
  • Prepare a letter or valuable items that can be used for collateral
  • Coming to serum car to buy a car with the assurance that we have provided or before it comes to mortgage to get money to bail us earlier, only then buy a new or used car with cash last DP , and remember this purchase made with the credit.
  • Perform promotion activity of a car rental that you set up and be prepared to receive your first money.

Revenue calculations this business :
Guarantee : Rp 10.000.000 (sebagai Dp)
Car Avansa former rp 100.000.000.-
Purchasing a car on credit with Dp USD. 10.000.000.-
installments over 3 year with monthly is 3 juta rupiah.
in a month when you can hire a car at least 20 days in a month then your monthly income is 20 X Rp 250.000. -(Rp 3.000.000 as installment ) Rp 5.000.000 – 3.000.000 = Rp 2.000.000 within a month and it would be better if you could merentalkan longer within a month

Thus within three years you could have your own car and have a monthly income according your hard efforts in the promotion of the car rental business.
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