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Tips singkat memulai bisnis menjahit pakaian

Tips singkat memulai bisnis menjahit pakaian

Tailoring business today may be somewhat home-based business that cuukup bring great income. Especially for women who ingni add spending money kitchens. Having a sewing expertise is an advantage, but if you want to focus on her tailoring business, You can to attend sewing courses. For those of you who want to open a sewing business attire, There are some preparations you should do.

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– Capital, This is used to buy sewing machine and sewing tools. If you have a hobby sew, of course, you already have this equipment itself and does not need to buy or spend capital again.

– Membership sew, The main asset that you must have, if you start from the bottom. But you can also use the power of others to become a tailor in your area.

– Promotion, Surely if you want your business known, You have to promote either through a friend, brochure or internet media or through social media.

– Creative and always keep abreast of the world of fashion or fashion. Whether it's sewing technique or art of fashion good. This is certainly useful for customers who ask for advice.

– Finding the right distributor or supplier, both sewing machines and equipment. So that the supply of materials or other tools remain available quickly and of course at low prices.

– Prioritizing customer satisfaction. Being a patient, carefully and diligently. For example when fitting requires precision measurement. If consumers are disappointed with the results of your stitches will cause them to move to other tailors.

With these quick tips can get you to start a sewing business with steady and confident. Success.



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