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Terms & ketentuan menjadi agen gas elpiji

Pada postingan sebelumnya, described briefly about entrepreneurship as a sub-agent of LPG gas 3 Kg, then as it goes will be described briefly about obtaining a license to be a sub agent (base) LPG tube 3 kg so that your efforts become official status. As with other types of businesses, become an entrepreneur in the field of trade necessarily have to have certain licenses. So is the case if you want to entrepreneurship as the delivery agent or sub-agent of LPG gas cylinders. The documents that you must have licensing is like a driver's license for a car or motorcycle rider. If you do not have, so get ready "got a ticket" by the Department of Industry and Trade.

Here is a little picture of a document that must be held in order to escape becoming a sub agent LPG (base) official. Number of licensing documents and requirements for each district / city varies slightly. Yet, can generally be described as follows:

Permit Sub-Agent (Base) LPG

According to some regulations in Indonesia, it can be concluded that the Permit Sub Agent LPG is a license that must be owned by a private person or a legal entity to carry out the activities of LPG storage and distribution to retailers or public / consumers with a sales capacity of less than 1 (one) ton per hari. So Bases LPG is the spearhead of Pertamina in distributing LPG to the haberdasher, store, or directly to consumers.

The requirements that must be met, generally consists of:

  • You have to have cooperation with a Certificate of LPG Agencies 3 Kg in your area (district / city). So the letter to ask your agent. (See the list name agent)
  • You have License (Trade Business Permit), TDP (Certificate of Company Registration), and a Letters Disturbance Permit or called HO (Hinderordonnantie) which is usually obtained at the Office of licensing in the district / city you.
  • Attach a Certificate of Permit and Recommendations Establish Base LPG 3 Kg from the local village.
  • Setting up a copy of ID, Color photos of various sizes, and make a statement prepared in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

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If completed, then you can submit the document to the licensing office in the city / district in your area. The above requirement is only a general overview, in your area may be additional or reduction of the required documents, because each region is not exactly. Yet, if you do not want to bother, you can use a service bureau of the extra costs.

So The obvious, to start this business, first you have to do is set aside, preparing place of business, the agent of LPG in your area, seeks cooperation with agencies, then the agent will check your request (including a review of your business plan), if it passes, you will be accepted as a sub agent (base), then you are ready to operate the business while permitting the board to local agencies. After the exit permit, your efforts have arguably the LPG Official Sub-Agent. To further promote these efforts, please scrutiny tips-tips umum The following. Congratulations entrepreneurship, success!

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