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Business marketing strategy using psychology

This time sipendik will review Marketing Strategy Using Psychology. Basically the science of product marketing strategy can be likened to martial arts. In martial arts basic concepts that should be used is important opponent could quickly KO. Whatever it is the most important technique that can quickly KO your opponents. If you spend a technique is good but not too KO msuhnya. means the technique you use is not good. What is the key to making fast enemies K.O. ? The key is speed and power.

The science of product marketing strategy certainly has a lot of flow, but science sipendik share following is a science that can directly apply it to the point to the market so that consumers are still targeting target.

How How to Implement the Right Marketing Strategy?

Science Marketing Strategy that can make K.O. market, have characteristics such as providing an attractive offer ( easy, a quick and delicious) and trustworthy, up when someone does not buy your product then the effect would be loss.

For instance promo ad "Meatballs + Bottle tea Worth USD. 7.000 "Buyer would certainly think that the price is very cheap, bottled tea buyer would imagine that now the price is USD. 3000. Means the price baksonya USD. 4.000,- . The buyer will assume the price is really cheap. In fact, if we buy a bottle of tea in wholesale price can be obtained with Rp. 1.700,- only. This is the product marketing strategy games with the approach of psychology.

Other examples, "Buy gold 2 gram umbrella prizes worth Rp. 40.000,- . Buyers will think loss if he does not buy gold here, can apyung USD. 40.000 while he could sell gold again later. Whereas umbrella if we buy in bulk the price could be obtained at a price below USD. 10.000,-. And if the buyer wants to sell more gold will be subject to deductions 10.000,- per gram. Very smart marketing strategy instead..

Science alias marketing strategy marketing science must use psychology. Want to know how?

The following market psychology that out the box that they often do so in a society without us knowing.

1. The presumption Mahal = Good

So the price is impressed expensive, And thank discount price rises. Buyer will certainly be happy if we could get an expensive item but followed with discounts. Consumers prefer to buy shirts with price Rp. 90.000,- with discounts 50%, instead of buying a shirt at USD. 45.000 without discount. This marketing strategy is suitable for application in clothing store, jewelry, souvenirs and souvenir. Moreover, the location of his shop located in a mall or airport, please feel free love expensive prices continue to love discounts.

In the manufacture of the discount was not arbitrary, of course there are a few tricks that need to be applied,

For example, to include in certain events.

Examples: "In order to ...." Or "Celebrating .... we give a discount .... "

If approaching Eid, "Eid is near, New clothes, Discounts Gede!”

Coinciding on the anniversary of the store, "In order to store birthday 5, we give discounts 60%.

Seeing such advertising offers, anyone would be interested to come to your store.

2. The existence of Reciprocity

Give the earlier you will be given. Suppose you have a car repair shop, Gartiskan costs Oil Change, then the consumer will buy the oil at the store you. or such offer tire checks ,then when the wind is less increase, as a free service .

You should pay attention to trivial but give the impression to the consumer.

3. Bandwagon, that important first rame.

Once you joined in the merely curious when people gathered to watch something ?

Chimed items in the Mall which dikerumunin people ?
Bandwagon slow down again see a crowd of people watching a car kecemplung gutter ?

That's human nature, curious. So if you want to be crowded launcing.

In order to be crowded during the opening must Strange, No offer, Interesting and Trust. You can use the strategy of Mie and Tea Bottle Rp. 7000, Buy gold dapet Umbrella for 40.000. Free Birthday Car Wash, if it rains tomorrow. Free car wash.

Let queues of cars that would free nyuci parking outside or the road would be the source of congestion. So that other riders who will ask "What's really jammed tumben? ...
"Oh no Gratisan nyuci Car Motor yes, follow-ah ".
Well, if crowded people come, then the people who had just passed so curious cuman see crowd new place.

That was Marketing Strategy Using Psychology. You can apply at your business location. Sipendik highly recommend, especially if you are just launching a business. Good luck and good luck.


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