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Cara cara memulai bisnis kontraktor & housing

juga diperlukan ketekunan, kejelian, inovasi, dan sistem pemasaran yang baik. Tapi perlu diingat, bisnis properti di Indonesia saat ini sedang berada di puncak. Prospeknya masih sangat cerah dengan mempertimbangkan data dan fakta bahwa kebutuhan hunian tinggal masih terus berkembang. Berikut disampaikan delapan tips untuk merintis bisnis developer.

Tips 1 :

Belajar dari buku-buku, seminar, kursus, and talking with other property developers.

Everything is when we will start any business should definitely be in search of info and advance their knowledge. Therefore, start by reading the references relating to the business developer, including book the property developer, where it is discussed very complete and teach step by step for beginners. Ingin tau ttg ebooks the property developer ? click here

Get in touch with friends who have had this business. Take the knowledge and information from them as much as possible, so it can be used as reference for us to move forward.

Join the business community properties such as PU (property university), PKP (kungfu school property), property mailing list (yukbisnisproperti)

Tips 2 :

No harm in seeing what other property developers do. ATM = loved, tiru, modification. This principle I think many are applying. because humans live in this world is basically mimics the existing. Likewise with the developer's business, often play or visit housing projects that already exist, observe what their advantages, find the sales information they sold out how long, building houses most preferred consumer as to what, so this will add to our reference when it will make a housing.

Tips 3 :

Do trendsetter - build on what they sell, not what you love. Make housing according to market demand, do you like. Because the house was for consumers not to us. targeting & market segmentation really need to be noticed, Who is our target? consumers like what we market? so this will affect the selling price, type of house, marketing system and so forth.

Tips 4 :

Understand regional development plans in which you are building. Any government different regions have different rules.

Searching for information on the regulations in the area which we will develop. Each region has a different policy, therefore when it has found a suitable location, immediately search for information about licensing and customs prevailing in the area. This is to facilitate our steps to the front. For example ranging from permit citizens, IMB, IPPT, dll.

Tips 5:

Take advantage of your bank or other funds that are involved in every stage of your development. Search relations as much as possible, from bank, start building a network. indeed start cooperation with banks is not easy, but not impossible, therefore it must be at the start with the first project. If the first project is successful, then cooperation will certainly continue into future projects. create your brand-create your good name in the bank so that it will facilitate the link to the future.

Tips 6:

Make sure you have enough money to cover the interest and other costs during the 12 to 15 months between buying land and selling or renting property.

Tips 7 :

Are funds available to cover unexpected events and delays. DI here cashflow playing. Financial problems are the problems that must be continuously monitored because everything relating to and. Starting payments to contractors, investor, land payments, payroll, etc..

Tips 8 :

Tips latter is the action … action … and action.. because the first project would not exist if not at the start of the current. so… What are you waiting for, keep moving & spirit. (bn / from various sources,id)

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