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Kendala dan rintangan dalam menjalankan bisnis kontraktor

  1. Tidak punya modal, pendapat ini bagi sebagian orang tidak selamanya benar dan bahkan ada yang bilang 100% salah. kenapa demikian? karena uang tidak bisa membeli segalanya. Uang mungkin bisa kita gunakan untuk membeli perusahaan namun uang tidak bisa menjamin berjalanya usaha.
  2. Tidak punya ijazah, This thought may be because we have long been educated with a more direct education to become an employee. to be an entrepreneur was not required diploma, in establishing PT no diploma requirements. so it's very likely someone who never went to school and then being able to recruit hundreds or even thousands of employees S1.
  3. Place of business or does not have an office, this is not a problem because we could use private homes or rented, and to register PT / CV could use a lot of virtual office for rent with a strategic location and address.
  4. Mau activities in what? This is the first thing that a lot of question. solution we can see a business opportunity in the environment around, or the easiest is to look at what areas people often need our help, nah.. on the field that we can actually introduce this type of business.
  5. There are regulations authorized capital and paid-up capital in setting up the business license, This requirement is so burdensome because they have not started a business where money has been asked umpteen rupiah whose value is not necessarily all available. but not the type of entrepreneur that has no road, consult a notary definitely be a reliable solution :-)
  6. How do marketing in order to get the project? In a relationship of friendship as much as possible, inngat reproduce the relationship may facilitate the arrival of sustenance, Now the era of technology so that it can use social networking sites to make friends or use the website as a media campaign.
  7. Shame, This is a reason of pride for all types of business may not look respectable by society. remember that entrepreneurs serve others and the best man are useful. so why should be ashamed to be a useful person.
  8. As human beings we are trying to work in earnest, problem let God determine the outcome. even if it did not work at least we already have experience of how to attempt and how to confront the failure so it is very useful in life kedepanya.

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