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  1. Tidak punya modal, pendapat ini bagi sebagian orang tidak selamanya benar dan bahkan ada yang bilang 100% salah. kenapa demikian? karena uang tidak bisa membeli segalanya. Uang mungkin bisa kita gunakan untuk membeli perusahaan namun uang tidak bisa menjamin berjalanya usaha.
  2. Tidak punya ijazah, This thought may be because we have long been educated with a more direct education to become an employee. to be an entrepreneur was not required diploma, in establishing PT no diploma requirements. so it's very likely someone who never went to school and then being able to recruit hundreds or even thousands of employees S1.
  3. Place of business or does not have an office, this is not a problem because we could use private homes or rented, and to register PT / CV could use a lot of virtual office for rent with a strategic location and address.
  4. Mau activities in what? This is the first thing that a lot of question. solution we can see a business opportunity in the environment around, or the easiest is to look at what areas people often need our help, nah.. on the field that we can actually introduce this type of business.
  5. There are regulations authorized capital and paid-up capital in setting up the business license, This requirement is so burdensome because they have not started a business where money has been asked umpteen rupiah whose value is not necessarily all available. but not the type of entrepreneur that has no road, consult a notary definitely be a reliable solution :-)
  6. How do marketing in order to get the project? In a relationship of friendship as much as possible, inngat reproduce the relationship may facilitate the arrival of sustenance, Now the era of technology so that it can use social networking sites to make friends or use the website as a media campaign.
  7. Shame, This is a reason of pride for all types of business may not look respectable by society. remember that entrepreneurs serve others and the best man are useful. so why should be ashamed to be a useful person.
  8. As human beings we are trying to work in earnest, problem let God determine the outcome. even if it did not work at least we already have experience of how to attempt and how to confront the failure so it is very useful in life kedepanya.

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juga diperlukan ketekunan, kejelian, inovasi, dan sistem pemasaran yang baik. Tapi perlu diingat, bisnis properti di Indonesia saat ini sedang berada di puncak. Prospeknya masih sangat cerah dengan mempertimbangkan data dan fakta bahwa kebutuhan hunian tinggal masih terus berkembang. Berikut disampaikan delapan tips untuk merintis bisnis developer.

Tips 1 :

Belajar dari buku-buku, seminar, kursus, and talking with other property developers.

Everything is when we will start any business should definitely be in search of info and advance their knowledge. Therefore, start by reading the references relating to the business developer, including book the property developer, where it is discussed very complete and teach step by step for beginners. Ingin tau ttg ebooks the property developer ? click here

Get in touch with friends who have had this business. Take the knowledge and information from them as much as possible, so it can be used as reference for us to move forward.

Join the business community properties such as PU (property university), PKP (kungfu school property), property mailing list (yukbisnisproperti)

Tips 2 :

No harm in seeing what other property developers do. ATM = loved, tiru, modification. This principle I think many are applying. because humans live in this world is basically mimics the existing. Likewise with the developer's business, often play or visit housing projects that already exist, observe what their advantages, find the sales information they sold out how long, building houses most preferred consumer as to what, so this will add to our reference when it will make a housing.

Tips 3 :

Do trendsetter - build on what they sell, not what you love. Make housing according to market demand, do you like. Because the house was for consumers not to us. targeting & market segmentation really need to be noticed, Who is our target? consumers like what we market? so this will affect the selling price, type of house, marketing system and so forth.

Tips 4 :

Understand regional development plans in which you are building. Any government different regions have different rules.

Searching for information on the regulations in the area which we will develop. Each region has a different policy, therefore when it has found a suitable location, immediately search for information about licensing and customs prevailing in the area. This is to facilitate our steps to the front. For example ranging from permit citizens, IMB, IPPT, dll.

Tips 5:

Take advantage of your bank or other funds that are involved in every stage of your development. Search relations as much as possible, from bank, start building a network. indeed start cooperation with banks is not easy, but not impossible, therefore it must be at the start with the first project. If the first project is successful, then cooperation will certainly continue into future projects. create your brand-create your good name in the bank so that it will facilitate the link to the future.

Tips 6:

Make sure you have enough money to cover the interest and other costs during the 12 to 15 months between buying land and selling or renting property.

Tips 7 :

Are funds available to cover unexpected events and delays. DI here cashflow playing. Financial problems are the problems that must be continuously monitored because everything relating to and. Starting payments to contractors, investor, land payments, payroll, etc..

Tips 8 :

Tips latter is the action … action … and action.. because the first project would not exist if not at the start of the current. so… What are you waiting for, keep moving & spirit. (bn / from various sources,id)

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This time sipendik will review Marketing Strategy Using Psychology. Basically the science of product marketing strategy can be likened to martial arts. In martial arts basic concepts that should be used is important opponent could quickly KO. Whatever it is the most important technique that can quickly KO your opponents. If you spend a technique is good but not too KO msuhnya. means the technique you use is not good. What is the key to making fast enemies K.O. ? The key is speed and power.

The science of product marketing strategy certainly has a lot of flow, but science sipendik share following is a science that can directly apply it to the point to the market so that consumers are still targeting target.

How How to Implement the Right Marketing Strategy?

Science Marketing Strategy that can make K.O. market, have characteristics such as providing an attractive offer ( easy, a quick and delicious) and trustworthy, up when someone does not buy your product then the effect would be loss.

For instance promo ad "Meatballs + Bottle tea Worth USD. 7.000 "Buyer would certainly think that the price is very cheap, bottled tea buyer would imagine that now the price is USD. 3000. Means the price baksonya USD. 4.000,- . The buyer will assume the price is really cheap. In fact, if we buy a bottle of tea in wholesale price can be obtained with Rp. 1.700,- only. This is the product marketing strategy games with the approach of psychology.

Other examples, "Buy gold 2 gram umbrella prizes worth Rp. 40.000,- . Buyers will think loss if he does not buy gold here, can apyung USD. 40.000 while he could sell gold again later. Whereas umbrella if we buy in bulk the price could be obtained at a price below USD. 10.000,-. And if the buyer wants to sell more gold will be subject to deductions 10.000,- per gram. Very smart marketing strategy instead..

Science alias marketing strategy marketing science must use psychology. Want to know how?

The following market psychology that out the box that they often do so in a society without us knowing.

1. The presumption Mahal = Good

So the price is impressed expensive, And thank discount price rises. Buyer will certainly be happy if we could get an expensive item but followed with discounts. Consumers prefer to buy shirts with price Rp. 90.000,- with discounts 50%, instead of buying a shirt at USD. 45.000 without discount. This marketing strategy is suitable for application in clothing store, jewelry, souvenirs and souvenir. Moreover, the location of his shop located in a mall or airport, please feel free love expensive prices continue to love discounts.

In the manufacture of the discount was not arbitrary, of course there are a few tricks that need to be applied,

For example, to include in certain events.

Examples: "In order to ...." Or "Celebrating .... we give a discount .... "

If approaching Eid, "Eid is near, New clothes, Discounts Gede!”

Coinciding on the anniversary of the store, "In order to store birthday 5, we give discounts 60%.

Seeing such advertising offers, anyone would be interested to come to your store.

2. The existence of Reciprocity

Give the earlier you will be given. Suppose you have a car repair shop, Gartiskan costs Oil Change, then the consumer will buy the oil at the store you. or such offer tire checks ,then when the wind is less increase, as a free service .

You should pay attention to trivial but give the impression to the consumer.

3. Bandwagon, that important first rame.

Once you joined in the merely curious when people gathered to watch something ?

Chimed items in the Mall which dikerumunin people ?
Bandwagon slow down again see a crowd of people watching a car kecemplung gutter ?

That's human nature, curious. So if you want to be crowded launcing.

In order to be crowded during the opening must Strange, No offer, Interesting and Trust. You can use the strategy of Mie and Tea Bottle Rp. 7000, Buy gold dapet Umbrella for 40.000. Free Birthday Car Wash, if it rains tomorrow. Free car wash.

Let queues of cars that would free nyuci parking outside or the road would be the source of congestion. So that other riders who will ask "What's really jammed tumben? ...
"Oh no Gratisan nyuci Car Motor yes, follow-ah ".
Well, if crowded people come, then the people who had just passed so curious cuman see crowd new place.

That was Marketing Strategy Using Psychology. You can apply at your business location. Sipendik highly recommend, especially if you are just launching a business. Good luck and good luck.


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Menulis rencana bisnis bukan sekadar peserta lomba yang dapat menunjukkan sebuah ide produk yang dapat dipercaya. Di bawah ini, manager Palo Alto Software, Alan Gleeson, membeberkan beberapa tips bagaimana membuat sebuah rencana bisnis yang sukses.

1. Ketahuilah siapa klien Anda
Poin awal untuk berbagai rencana bisnis harus disusun berdasarkan prespektif klien Anda. Apa yang menjadi tujuan dari rencana bisnis? Apakah ini untuk melindungi pendanaan, atau untuk menyampaikan rencana masa depan bagi perusahanaan? Penulis harus menyesuaikan rencana bagi ketentuan-ketentuan spesifik dari klien. Para penanam modal akan mencari penjelasan-penjelasan mengenai pengajuan investasi dan kerangka waktu dalam mendapatkan uang mereka kembali.

2. Kerjakan tugas Anda
Tanpa penelitian pasar, tidak akan ada yang dapat menjalankan rencana bisnis Anda secara serius. Anda harus memastikan bahwa rencana bisnis mencangkup acuan pada besarnya pasar, ini meramalkan perkembangan dan bagaimana cara memperoleh akses ke pasar. For example, sebuah rencana untuk cafe internet akan mempertimbangkan populasi sekitar, jangkauan internet, ramalan tentang apakah ini akan menanjak atau menurun, termasuk tinjauan dari lingkungan yang bersaing.

3. Periksalah dengan teliti masalah Anda
Suatu bagian yang utuh dalam mengerti banyak lingkungan bisnis adalah suatu persaingan. So, Anda perlu berpikir mengenai bagaimana para pemegang jabatan bersaing dan apakah ada yang disebut pengendali harga. Lalu Anda harus memasukkan dengan detail dari bagaiamana anda dapat bersaing secara efektif dengan pemain-pemain yang ada.

4. Perhatian rincian
Buatlah rencana yang sederhana, tetapi memasukkan detail-detail yang cukup untuk memastikan pembaca telah mendapatkan informasi untuk membuat keputusan yang dapat diinformasikan. Menerangkan bahwa rencana dari penulis biasanya mempunyai sebuah aturan yang berarti untuk menjalankan bisnis, rencana yang ada harus mencerminkan arti yang professional, tidak ada kesalahan dalam mengeja, anggapan-anggapan yang realistik, proyeksi yang dapat dipercaya dan isi yang akurat. Penulis harus menetapkan format dari rencana bisnis. Jika diperlukan presentasi rencana bisnis, Anda harus membuat back-up presentasi di PowerPoint.

5. Kenapa harus berinvestasi?
Jika Anda mencari investor di bisnis Anda, hal ini penting untuk menjabarkan secara jelas kesempatan dalam menanamkan modal. Mengapa para penanam modal lebih memilih untuk menanamkan uangnya ke dalam bisnis Anda dibandingkan dengan menyimpan uang di sebuah akun bank, saham, atau menginvestasikan di bisnis yang lain? Apakah Unique Selling Proposition (USP) di dalam bisnis? Mengapa orang lain membelanjakan uangnya untuk membeli dari Anda?

6. Mencangkup seluruh kawasan
Lakukan penelitan berdasarkan rencana bisnis haruslah tepat. Awal mula yang baik adalah jaringan bisnis dan rencana bisnis . Bagian yang harus dicakup melingkupi: hasil/layanan, market, persaingan, tim manajemen, marketing, operasi dan keuangan. Anda juga akan membutuhkan bagan warna yang sederhana dan tabel data untuk pengilustrasian beberapa kawasan.

7. Lakukan penghitungan
Angka-angka akan menjadi pokok persoalan yang harus diteliti dengan cermat. Harga-harga harus didokumentasi secara lengkap dan ramalan-ramalan penjualan harus konservatif dan realistis. Ketika harga-harga lebih pasti dan dapat diprediksi, sebuah faktor yang genting di dalam bisnis atau kegagalan dalam berbisnis akan menjadi tingkat utama dari penjualan. Jika Anda tidak nyaman dengan pelajaran matematika, pilih seseorang untuk membantu dalam mempersiapkan satu arus kas yang sederhana dan grafik titik balik modal. Ini akan membantu pembaca mengerti berapa banyak penjualan yang wajib Anda buat untuk menutupi harga Anda, dan juga berapa banyak pembiayan yang wajib ditingkatkan, dan berapa banyak pemasukan yang harus ditingkatkan secara sukses.

8. Ringkasan
Komponen yang paling penting yang menjadi titik berat dalam suatu rencana adalah ringkasan pelaksanaan. Ini adalah ringkasan dari seluruh rencana dan ini biasanya ditempatkan di awal. Hal ini juga sangat bermanfaat bagi para penanam modal. Bagi penanam modal jika mereka suka, mereka akan terus membacanya, jika mereka tidak suka, akan mereka tinggalkan. Hal ini harus diselesaikan di akhir proses perencanaan bisnis dan harus memiliki faktor wow yang memikat mereka untuk membaca lebih jauh lagi. Dengan ini, penulis juga harus mempersiapkan suatu puncak lift sekilas gambaran ikhtisar selama lima menit dari keuntungan dari produk-produk yang baru.

9. Pendapat kedua
Sekali Anda telah menyelesaikan rencana Anda, Anda harus mengulangnya secara terpisah. Pilih seseorang yang dapat ditugaskan di suatu tempat yang dapat menawarkan aspek-aspek dalam berbisnis. Jaringan bisnis setempat atau agen anda harus membantu ini. Tinjauan ini harus tepat sesuai dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ada bahwa hal ini bisa ditempatkan ke dalam konsep yang harus ditinjau kembali.

10. Rumus akhir
Pada akhirnya, sebuah rencana harus selalu dilihat sebagai sebuah dokumen hidup dan berisi tanggal-tanggal yang spesifik, tenggat waktu, dan pertanggungjawaban. Ini harus secara terus-menerus diperiksa dan diperbaharui, seperti yang digunakan di dalam diskusi rencana lawan hal yang sebenarnya. Bisnis menitikberatkan pada bagaimana orang lain beraksi dan terhitung di dalamnya. Suatu rencana bisnis yang berhasil akan membantu untuk memastikan bahwa bisnis ini secara utuh tertuju kepada keharusan untuk mencapai tujuan-tujuan perusahaan.

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Pada postingan sebelumnya, described briefly about entrepreneurship as a sub-agent of LPG gas 3 Kg, then as it goes will be described briefly about obtaining a license to be a sub agent (base) LPG tube 3 kg so that your efforts become official status. As with other types of businesses, become an entrepreneur in the field of trade necessarily have to have certain licenses. So is the case if you want to entrepreneurship as the delivery agent or sub-agent of LPG gas cylinders. The documents that you must have licensing is like a driver's license for a car or motorcycle rider. If you do not have, so get ready "got a ticket" by the Department of Industry and Trade.

Here is a little picture of a document that must be held in order to escape becoming a sub agent LPG (base) official. Number of licensing documents and requirements for each district / city varies slightly. Yet, can generally be described as follows:

Permit Sub-Agent (Base) LPG

According to some regulations in Indonesia, it can be concluded that the Permit Sub Agent LPG is a license that must be owned by a private person or a legal entity to carry out the activities of LPG storage and distribution to retailers or public / consumers with a sales capacity of less than 1 (one) ton per hari. So Bases LPG is the spearhead of Pertamina in distributing LPG to the haberdasher, store, or directly to consumers.

The requirements that must be met, generally consists of:

  • You have to have cooperation with a Certificate of LPG Agencies 3 Kg in your area (district / city). So the letter to ask your agent. (See the list name agent)
  • You have License (Trade Business Permit), TDP (Certificate of Company Registration), and a Letters Disturbance Permit or called HO (Hinderordonnantie) which is usually obtained at the Office of licensing in the district / city you.
  • Attach a Certificate of Permit and Recommendations Establish Base LPG 3 Kg from the local village.
  • Setting up a copy of ID, Color photos of various sizes, and make a statement prepared in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

& Nbsp;

If completed, then you can submit the document to the licensing office in the city / district in your area. The above requirement is only a general overview, in your area may be additional or reduction of the required documents, because each region is not exactly. Yet, if you do not want to bother, you can use a service bureau of the extra costs.

So The obvious, to start this business, first you have to do is set aside, preparing place of business, the agent of LPG in your area, seeks cooperation with agencies, then the agent will check your request (including a review of your business plan), if it passes, you will be accepted as a sub agent (base), then you are ready to operate the business while permitting the board to local agencies. After the exit permit, your efforts have arguably the LPG Official Sub-Agent. To further promote these efforts, please scrutiny tips-tips umum The following. Congratulations entrepreneurship, success!

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1. James Gosling
James Gosling O.C., Ph.D adalah seorang pengembang perangkat lunak. Terkenal sebagai bapak bahasa pemograman Java, Gosling lahir di dekat Calgary, Alberta, Kanada pada 19 May 1955. Java sendiri adalah bahasa pemrograman dan perangkat yang diciptakan oleh James Gosling dan teman-temannya pada tahun 1994. Java was originally named Oak and developed as part of the Green Project Company Sun. Writing Java started in December 1990. Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan and James Gosling trying to figure out the "next wave" in computing science.
Nama Oak, taken from an oak tree growing in front of the window workspace by James Gosling. Oak's name is not used for the release version of Java as an other software has been registered with the trademark, the replacement name to "Java". The name is derived from pure ground coffee directly from seed (instant coffee) A Gosling. It is said that this coffee comes from Java. So the name of the Java programming language is none other comes from the Javanese word (English for Java is Java).

2. Linus Benedict Torvalds

Linus Torvalds was born in Helsinki, Finland, on the date of 28 December 1969. In the old aged 10 year, Linus began dabbling in computer programming. By using a computer belonging to his grandfather, Commodore VIC-20, computing became his hobby.
In 1988 Linus accepted a student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In 1990, Linus started his first C programming class. In 1991, Linus bought his first PC, and he was not satisfied with the operating system on a computer when it. His computer when it is using MS-DOS (Disk Operation System, Microsoft's operating system), but Linus is more likely to use the UNIX operating system, as used on computers belonging unversitasnya. Akhirnya, he decided to create a version that could be used under on PC from UNIX. Working hard for months to produce the forerunner of the operating system known as Linux, that eight years later developed into what is said by many observers as a threat to the very famous giant Microsoft with its Windows operating system.

3. William Nelson Joy

& Nbsp;

Bill received his B.S.E.E (Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering) from the University of Michigan in the year 1975. Then he continued his education at the University of California Berkeley, where he obtained a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. there is also, for several years he became head designer Unix version Barkley (BSD). Then the man who is familiarly called this Bill together with the group received support from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to continue the project. The project then became the backbone of the concept of "open source".
4. Adam Osborne

& Nbsp;

Adam Osborne was born in Thailand in 1939, and spent his childhood in Tamil Nadu, southern India, with his parents were British. Osborne moved to England at the age of 11 year, and in the year 1961 he graduated from the University of Birmingham as a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. After moving to America, he graduated from the University of Delaware as a Ph.D in chemical engineering, and quickly found a job in Shell Oil. Adam Osborne himself was one of the important and influential role in the early history of the PC.

5. Dennis Mc Allistair Ritchie

Dennis Mc Allistair Ritchie and colleagues, Ken Thompson, managed to make the language of the most famous in the world of computers to rival the English in the real world. English is the language C.

Dennis M Ritchie was born the middle of World War 2 on 9 September 1941 di Bronxville NewYork. Graduated from Harvard years 1963 in Physics and continuing education at Harvard until a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Note also that the genius “science” usually likes math.

6. Lawrence Larry Ellison

Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Ellison was born on 17 August 1944. Is an American business magnate, founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation which is one of the largest database software company in the world. You could say Larry Ellison was the one who made it into a concept Oracle Relational Database System required by various industries in the world as it is today. Began creating the concept of a database on 1970, 40 years later he advances the concept has become an important pillar industries of the world as well as a wide range of businesses that exist today. On 2011 He is the fifth richest man in the Forbes world, with a personal fortune reached $ 39.500.000.000,-.

Ellison graduated from Eugene Field Elementary School, Elementary School on the north side of Chicago in January 1958 and proceed to the Sullivan High School at least until the fall of 1959 before moving to South Shore. Ellison grew up in an apartment with two bedrooms in South Chicago in the middle-class Jewish neighborhood. Ellison remembers his adoptive mother as a person who is warm and loving, in contrast to the harsh nature which he inherited from his adoptive father, a Russian Jew from the Crimea who adopted the name Ellison to honor the island where he entered the United States, Ellis Island. Louis, foster father, was a modest government employee who is looking for a small fortune in Chicago real estate, just to eliminate during his depression.

Ellison was a bright student but inattentive. He left the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the end of the second year, after not taking his final examination adoptive because his adoptive mother had just died. After spending a summer in Northern California, where he lived with his friend Chuck Weiss, he entered the University of Chicago for one term, where he first met and designing computer. In 1964, at the age 20 year, he moved to northern California permanently. during the year 1970, after serving briefly at Amdahl Corporation, Ellison worked for Ampex Corporation. One of his projects was a database for the CIA, which he named "Oracle".

7. Steve Jobs

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, USA, 24 February 1955. He died in Palo Alto, California, USA, 5 October 2011 at the age 56 year. He is a business magnate and inventor of the United States. He is co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of Apple Inc.. Jobs also previously served as executive officer of Pixar, he became a member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006, after the acquisition of Pixar by Disney. His name is listed as an executive producer in the film Toy Story year 1995.

At the end of the 1970s, Jobs, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula, and others, plan, develop and market a line of personal computers first commercially successful, the Apple II series. In the early 1980s, Jobs was among those who first saw the commercial potential of the graphical user interface mouse-driven Xerox PARC that led to the creation Macintosh. After losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1984, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT, a computer platform development company engaged in higher education and business markets. Purchase of NeXT by Apple in the year 1996 brought Jobs back to the company he founded with his colleague. He served as its CEO since 1997 until finally died in 2011.

8. Stephen Wozniak

Stephen Wozniak was born in San Jose, California, United States on 11 August 1950. Wozniak is the founder of Apple Computer (with Steve Jobs). He is considered a pioneer of the entry of computers into the home life private. Although it contributes only in the form of a collection of ideas sharpshooter who inadvertently along with the readiness of the technology for the manufacture of bulk computer, intelligence and creativity are limitless makes him the right person to be recognized as the initiator of the personal computer revolution. Wozniak created the Apple II, The last personal computer truly designed by one person only. And in January 2007, he launched the book iWoz (ISBN 0393061444) which contains the journey of life and career.

9. Bill Atkinson

Still associated with Apple, for you Apple fans would be a pity if you do not know the character of this one. He is Bill Atkinson, genius programmers behind QuickDraw, MacPaint dan HyperCard. Bill Atkinson is also a member of the Macintosh team at Apple Computer. As one of the architects of software on Macintosh, Bill is also a be a pioneer in digital printing techniques and expert in Management of Bill has developed a color ICC profiles for Calypso Imaging Inc.

10. Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III, better known by the name of Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955, Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates is the second child of three brothers. His father William Henry Gates was a corporate lawyer who had many relationships in town. While his mother Mary Maxwell an officer of First Interstate Bank, Pacific Northwest Bell and a member of National United Way.

He quickly mastered BASIC, a computer programming language, and together with the self-taught hacker in Lakeside, he spent hours writing a program, make a game, and generally learn a lot about computers. "He was an eccentric,"As one of the teachers giving the surname Gates. Bill Gates taking classes at Harvard University in Cambridge started the year 1975. There he met with Paul Allen at school together. With Paul Allen, Bill Gates continues to develop his talents in the field of computer programming. Yet, Bill Gates decided to exit (drop out) to donate his time to Microsoft.

Through its own endeavors, the company he founded called Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates became a success and become a millionaire soar. In year 1990 Bill Gates successful release of the operating system were very successful in the world market.

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Dari semua orang banyak yang ingin bercita cita menjadi wirausaha, ada yang siap modal dan perencanaan yang rumit, ada yang sekedar gagasan aja. Yet, ada juga yang punya uang tapi bingung mau diapain, dan harus mulai dari mana. Mayoritasusahawan sukses adalah karena kelihaian dalam memulai dan memperluas usaha.

Here are 9 Cara Berbisnis yang sering dipakai oleh para Wirausaha Sukses, untuk berhasil atau tidaknya tergantung upaya dan do’a kita. jadikan trik di bawah ini sebagai alternatif sebelum memulai usaha, dan menjadikannya refrensi:

1.Upaya untuk memenuhi Kebutuhan Konsumen

Ini merupakan ide bisnis yang paling umum. Misalkan saja Jika di sekitar rumah ada yang butuh jasa laundry, warnet, lauk matang, rental computer, kursus, dll, bukalah usaha yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan mereka. Dan sebagai kuncinya, penuhi kebutuhan konsumen, lalu berikan produk dan layanan terbaik. Usaha berdasarkan kebutuhan adalah prinsip semua jenis usaha.

2.Jual Keunikan Produk yang ditawarkan

Bila kita lumayan kreatif dan inovatif, pasti banyak hal yang bisa dikreasikan. Untuk menemukan ide peluang usaha terbaru bisa dimulai dari penemuan produk baru, teknologi, system, dan program baru. Atau bahkan menulis buku dengan ide-ide bisnis yang baru pun bisa di perhitungkan. Penemuan baru apalagi khas dan unik, sangat berpeluang menembus pasar.

3.Menduplikasi Usaha Lain

Sedangkan bagi yang kurang kreatif dan inovatif, jangan patah semangat. Masih banyak ide usaha tersebar dimana-mana, bahkan mungkin didepan mata kita. Kita cuma perlu membaca setiap peluang, mengukur potensi, dan mengambil resiko. For example, disekitar rumah kita karena dekat dengan sekolah ada usaha makanan yang laris, apa salahnya menyaingi usaha tersebut, tinggal memberikan nilai dan pelayanan lebih dari business we.

4.Memberi Fasilitas Tambahan

Seperti cara di atas namun diperlukan sedikit kreatifitas. Misalnya jika ingin membuka usaha warung makan, berikan penawaran harga yang kompetitif dan tempat yang nyaman untuk pembeli bercengkrama dengan pembeli lain, sehingga pembeli betah berlama-lama belanja di warung kita.

5.Jual Keterampilan

Cermati bakat setiap orang, karena itu pun bisa menjadi peluang business yang menguntungkan. Banyak orang berbakat bila di kembangkan dan diberikan tempat bisa dijual mahal. Tempat seperti restoran, toko-toko, salon, kursus, servis, mal, dan pasar adalah gudangnya orang berbakat. Misalnya ambil saja 2-3 orang pemangkas rambut, sewakan tempat yang bagus, alat yang lengkap, brand khusus, dan training tentang bagaimana pelayanan yang baik. Maka usaha salon yang eksklusif sudah bisa dimiliki.

6.Menjadi Agen

Sama dengan cara sebelumnya, misalnya membuka agen tenaga kerja, pembantu rumah tangga, pengisi acara hiburan, pernikahan, dll. ide bisnis seperti ini diperlukan pengalaman dan jaringan relasi yang luas. Tapi tak perlu khawatir, untuk hal ini kita bisa pekerjakan orang yang berpengalaman dibidang tersebut.

7.Menjual Barang Second

Masih belum banyak orang yang tertarik dengan jenis usaha this. Barang second tertentu dengan nilai historis bisa mempunyai harga yang tinggi. Untuk awal memulainya kita bisa dengan berburu barang-barang bermerk asli yang sudah tidak terpakai lagi, dan menjualnya ditempat lain dengan harga special.

8.Membuka Kantor

Misalnya untuk akuntan, dokter, pengacara, notaries, ataupun konsultan. Dengan mengajak kolega dan teman seprofesi bisa diajak patungan untuk membuka kantor sendiri. Juallah skill dan pengalaman. Jika mempunyai reputasi bagus dan jaringan yang luas, janganlah takut kekurangan klien.

9.Membeli Waralaba

Bila mempunyai modal yang lumayan besar, dan tidak mau bersusah payah memikirkan produk sendiri, bisa memilih bisnis franchise(waralaba). Namun butuh kejelian membaca bisnis waralaba mana yang prospeknya potensi pasarnya bagus.

Kini banyak pilihan waralaba, dengan modal besar atau sedang-sedang saja.

Selamat berwiraswasta!


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