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Menjalankan bisnis trucking angkutan tronton

Kapan Lagi punya Bisnis angkutan truck? Ayo segera mulai usaha.
Usaha yang dijalankan adalah non jasa ekspedisi, dengan muatan hasil tambang saja.
Faktor Utama adalah:

  1. truck Tronton
  • machine condition
One of the most important elements in addition to the chassis in the truck fleet, disini kita harus ekstra ketat dalam memahaminya. The obstacles because usually handled directly by the driver so a little more cautious. There should be routine and scheduled check directly in knowing the state of our truck engine conditions, with its own path way in the test well is in charge or empty. Likewise, elements that support the operations of the machine that the electrical appliance (cable, handel dll) the wind pressure on the tube to wind up with the brake hose not to leak. For oil pipelines associated with marked presence of oil seepage, for an air compressor amperage marked bookmarks bar at much reduced pressure to a brake operation for example, it must wait for the wind to repopulate the normal thing. Do not delay repairs!
  • Ban
Check the tires every day especially long chassis krn For every unload sand or ash no term “rocking ” ie forward or rewind the truck before the contents needlessly dissipated, typically for adjusting the position in the waste or finished unloading cargo. Krn truck crushed waste material so it takes extra energy to move the erosive For tire skid. kl too long skid of course tires quickly eroded and depleted.
Kenek usually will pour water on the tires of skid shg reduce heat and reduces tire wear. Using new and original tire is very good, just classic reasons on costs. Try to correct payment by installments.
  • body truck
Check around him lest For truck operation could not really like, to draw or push other trucks.
  • Cabin

Avoid overindulgence accessories such as radio tape for hearing driver control power will be interrupted if there is something seriously wrong with the state of the truck at the time of operation. Cleanliness awake indicates the bearer of his very slick. Especially with alat2 toolkits that complete and fixtures For tarps covering the fuel tank and the wind at the time the process of unloading cargo.

2. Consumer
The term where we sell the products that we sell or a business partner.
  • Toko Material

Dalan payments surplus that has a good price and hard cash.
Disadvantages typically encountered a problem location is cramped and crowded so risky for skipping class truck tronton. then the narrow shelter so that the capacity of store stock material fit only one instance of sand tronton. If the stock is low we have not been able to fill a limited capacity krn.

  • sand Base

For a broad base of sand capacity, making it easier to send the sand whenever tronton truck coming from the excavation / sand quarry.
Because many competitors from employers truck so that the quality of the sand and the price of a weapon to be able to compete in the sand base.

  • wholesalers contractors

Get to know more about their business partner, better to the old players and old people used. It usually results from fees received minimal but safe in terms of financial.

3. cut / sand mining
Pay attention to the level of production that the slow rhythms have to find a solution where to move the location of excavation so that the truck can be quickly filled.
For digging implement an assortment of trucks queuing system, we take the example of the system 3 lane. This means that if we are already on the first tem or one in one machine filling sand into the tailgate then we wait 2 filled first truck in front of us. From here we can predict when we will be loaded truck.
Time to open the lid excavation should also be considered not to our car overnight location unless sikon had to stay overnight because of the queue of trucks that many.
Quality materials sand mines would not have the same quality good sometimes (sand color black) sometimes less good, although one mine and one kobakan, This could be due to natural factors (there is a layer of – a layer of sand in the soil) or circulating water washing process sand time. The quality of the sand is not black will be difficult to accept consumer.
Get to know more of the location of excavation in order to quality and a good time in the process of charging.

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