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Cara memilih jenis usaha yang tepat untuk anda

Secara alamiah tiap kegiatan bisnis pasti mengandung resiko untung atau rugi. Dengan menyadari kenyataan ini maka proses untuk memilih bisnis yang akan dijalankan akan lebih mudah untuk Anda.
Kunci dalam memilih jenis usaha yang akan dijalankan adalah jangan terlalu fokus pada jenis usahanya, melainkan lebih memberi perhatian kepada kesiapan mental Anda sendiri. In other words, no matter what type of business you choose is basically not a problem correctly, because you alone main factors determining the success or failure of your business.

First, Analyze your own interests and experiences during this. Any provision of formal and non formal education you? What is your favorite hobby and? What's your pleasure background of business you want to select?

1. Liked the selected business
You can begin to try to open a business that suits your hobby or favorite. Because when it Like, You will not get bored quickly and easily give up running though probably in the early days there will be many challenges.

Never underestimate the word happy in business??! You must be happy with your business if you want it a successful venture. Why? Because by doing that endeared, you will:
- Do a better job for customers
- Feel more pleasure, and
- Earn more revenue because customers contacted will buy more

2. Expertise most controlled
By trying to open a business that is already mastered the art. Although inexperienced entrepreneurs, but I believe you have the skills that can be utilized.
Expertise is not necessarily related to their talents and hobbies such as sewing, cook, paint, or singing.

Any work that we know the intricacies and accustomed to doing so can be regarded as our expertise. For example if you are an insurance agent, broker property, or an account executive, then you may be an expert in communicating with others and not difficult for you to sell something because it was used to do it. Find something in your daily work very mastered, and see if you can support your business expertise of your choice.

3. Selection of a preferred work situation
Each type of business has different work situations which form the basis of the business operation. To select matching There are so look for business work situation that suits your character. If you prefer to work alone, select a business that makes you rarely meet other people.

Enterprises such as these give personal freedom more freely. If you prefer to stay at home to do the job, choose a business that does not require leaving home. You can actively work with our customers, if you want. But if you prefer to work outside the home, choose a business that allows you to go to work different

4. Browse where your money goes
Another way you can do is to track where your money is going so far. The purpose of this is to open a business to supplement their income is not, then you need to see how the money circulates. Transferred from the consumer to the seller, agen, manufacturers and so on.

Let me see that you've been spending money to buy books, photocopy, eat, kos, transport, etc.. Examine one by one the flow of money that you spend on transportation drivers, food producers, bookstores and so on. Perhaps there is one gap where you can enjoy the benefits of the flow of money earlier.

5. searching / looking for business opportunities
Diligent follow news about entrepreneurship opportunities. Consider all forms of advertising, which enables businesses are self-employed. Simply, just follow the ad kecik,and services, kursus, job vacancy, ads for home meal, trade shows and other

bersilaturrahmi, It is highly recommended in Islam, especially in the business to make a living, only of course his intention to be as God, not solely intended for other purposes. Bersilaturrahmi can be done with friends or new acquaintances your, with brother, or with anyone, especially if they oragng those engaged in the business world. Speak to them about your desire to find a product or a particular business
Before deciding on one of the most appropriate type of business, then do the analysis on the business list, to facilitate business opportunities which would you choose.

Sector Analysis. Is the business sector is one of your desires. Give the order, and businesses that interest you most put it at the top.

Analysis of Venture Capital. How much capital is required for such business. How much capital do you have, or how much capital from other sources.

analysis Advantages. How much profit can be gained from these efforts with regard to how much of your life needs. If still not, they can choose another business or adding other types of businesses.

analysis of prospects. Learn about the state of business today and for the foreseeable future. Of the list of business, whichever provides the best prospects.

Before taking a final decision, please check back from any selection criteria. Ask the people who have experienced, and ask his opinion about a business where the most appropriate and suitable for you and why.

but Remember, any of your friend's opinion, which is your main consideration is still the desire and ability, because you're most familiar with your own potential, and you are the one who will run the business. Moreover, if the business is related to your hobby, Whatever will be.., You will always enjoy doing it.


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