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Kriteria yang tepat dalam memilih manajer

Yang dimaksud dengan manager adalah orang atau seseorang yang harus mampu membuat orang-orang dalam organisasi yang berbagai karakteristik, latar belakang budaya, akan tetapi memiliki ciri yang sesuai dengan tujuan (goals) dan teknologi (technology).
Dan tugas seorang manager adalah bagaimana mengintegrasikan berbagai macam variabel (karakteristik, budaya, pendidikan dan lain sebagainya) into an organization's goals are the same by way of adjustment mechanism.
As for the mechanisms necessary to unify the variables above are as follows:
  • Briefing (direction) which includes decision-making, wisdom, supervision, etc..
  • The design and organization of work.
  • Selection, training, appraisal, and development.
  • Communication and control systems.
  • reward system
there are at least 3 (three) characteristics that can be used to measure the level of a person's qualifications to be a Project Manager that:
  • His personal character
  • Capability Characteristics Associated with Project Managed
  • Characteristics Associated with the ability Led Team
His personal character
  1. Having a thorough understanding of the technical work of the project managed by him.
  2. Able to act as a decision maker reliable and responsible.
  3. Having a good personal integrity but still able to bring a supportive atmosphere in the neighborhood where he worked.
  4. assertive
  5. Having sufficient experience and expertise in managing time and human.
Capability Characteristics Associated with Project Managed
  1. Has a strong commitment in achieving goals and success of the project in the schedule, budgets and procedures established.
  2. Implementing the entire process of the development of IT projects within budget and time to satisfy the users / clients.
  3. Been involved in similar projects.
  4. Being able to control the results of the project by performing the measurement and evaluation of customized performance standards and objectives to be achieved from the project.
  5. Create and conduct contingency plans to anticipate things and unexpected problems.
  6. Make and implement decisions related to planning.
Characteristics Associated with the ability Led Team
  1. Having the ability and communication skills as well as managerial.
  2. Able to plan, organize, lead, motivate and delegate tasks in a responsible manner to every member of the team.
  3. Respect team members work and earn the trust and respect of their.
  4. Sharing success with all members of the team.
  5. Being able to put the right person in the appropriate position.
  6. Provide a good appreciation to the members of the team that works well.
  7. Able to influence other parties associated with the project that led to accept his views and implement plans drawn up.
  8. Delegating tasks while still controlling the inherent.

Source :
– http://dewz-baguz.blogspot.com/2012/04/pengertian-tugas-manager.html

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